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Kitten Season is here....

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I know of three pregnant kitties right now belonging to people in my circle of friends and family. I've spoken to the people, and am trying to convince them to spay the moms once the kittens are old enough. I'm hoping it doesn't fall on deaf ears. I'm also trying my best to find homes for the unborn kittens- so far I've only found two, but its better than nothing. In about 3 weeks, all three litters will be born. Its so sad really- because I doubt all the babies will find the homes they deserve.

Anyone else knee deep in kittens right now? How do you go about finding homes?
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Nope, seems like all the cats around here just dissapeared
Good luck with it.

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Our kittens usually arrive mid to late April here. *sigh*
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Well kitten season is ending here soon. We have two kittens to sell. It's a great thing you're doing Melissa. Thanks & Good luck!!
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Its about to start here in the next couple of months!.

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Same here and I'm not ready. I am only a foster-mom and don't take on nearly the work of the other members of my rescue, but this time last year was a nightmare. Not nearly enough foster-homes to take them all in.

Cross your fingers for a slow year!!!
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