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plowed into yesterday

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was on my home from work this afternoon, stopped, when some lady plowed into the back of me I am ok, back a little sore. I have to call my insurance co tomorrow though. The front grill is broken, etc. I am surprised as hard as she hit me, that it didnt take out the back in. I have a 2004 Toyota Matrix and it bouned back. We (my mother & father in law, and husband) think she was on her cell phone when she plowed into me. I dont know how fast she was going, but all I know is it hurt my head and the pressure it put on my teeth (hard to explain that!)
I called the lady's insurance today and filed a claim, and then called my insurance & did a claim so I dont have to deal with the other side. My back felt like it was burning today, and it would ach in certain spots. When I put my head back, it's sore, too, and when I put my foot on the gas, my knee would ache every now and then. I guess if it's the same tomorrow, I will go to my DR to have her check it out.
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Tigger, call the insurance company and get the claim number then go to your doctor and/or chiropractor. As long as they have the claim number and insurance company you won't be charged at all for the visit.
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If you're having pain now, it will only get worse. Definitely, go to the doctor and get the injury on record. My last accident was a rear-ender and I had to have physical therapy, for six months and I'm sure that that's a contributor, to my developing arthritis, in later years.
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OMG! yes definately go to the doctors! even if you think you're ok you should go just to be safe. That's why I have headaches all the time now, from being hit twice by stupid people doing things other then driving their cars right!
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When you were rear ended how fast were they going? I dont even know how fast she was going.
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I know what it's like to be rear-ended. Tigger, it sounds like you have a whiplash type of injury, please go to a doctor ASAP!
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Oh I hope you and your car are okay. I think you need to see a doctor. Good luck.
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Without a doubt go to your doctor!.

My ex boyfriend and i were hit by a 40 tonne lorry 3 years ago, the police said we were lucky to get out alive.

But by going to the doctor and having your problem on file will help your case.

I don't know about your country, but now here in the UK, they've banned anyone using their mobile phones while driving, and they 'must' use a handsfree kit.

I hope you feel better soon, i know how you must be feeling!

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Originally posted by Tigger
When you were rear ended how fast were they going? I dont even know how fast she was going.
I was sitting at a red light and the guy who hit me wasn't going very fast- maybe 30 mph. My car was a '69 Chrysler 300 and he was driving a Volkswagen Beetle. It caused enough of a jolt, to cause back spains and knock my spinal column out of plumb.

My car came out of it, in better shape, than I did. The Beetle's front end looked like a crumpled-up tissue and I took some steel wool and got the yellow paint off of my bumper. Gotta love those big ol' 60s boat anchors!
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head back from my insurance company today, and the adjuster told me I have 2 options:
1. wait to hear back from other side and see if they take responibility for liability
2. go thru them, get my car repaired (the fender is loose and the grill is broken), pay the $500 deductible out of pocket and wait for the other side to reimburse.
So, I took option 1. I dont think its right that I should pay out of pocket, and I sure dont have the cash to fork out what it will cost to repair the fender, and I told her that, too.

I also saw the dr and they said it was whiplash and knee contusion. That it should get better w/in 2 weeks, and if it doesnt to let her know. She said to ice the spots on my back, then apply heat. Is it not a little too late to do that? She said this way it wont turn into a chronic thing?
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Sounds similar to what happened to me a couple weeks ago.

A lady plowed into me as I was stopped at a backed up green light, and she hit me so hard I ended up slamming into the car in front of me. I immediately felt that my head hurt.. I guess my head jerked back and forth and hit the headrest behind me pretty hard, hard enough for it to give me a bad headache. My neck was sore for 3 days afterwards but I'm fine now.

There shouldnt have been any reason for you to notify your insurance co. SHE hit YOU and therefore her insurance co. is responsible for everything. The lady that hit me had State Farm, they are great. They called me right away with a claim #, I got my car fixed within a week ($1580 worth of damage ) and I also mentioned I was sore from the accident but felt better now. They told me basically that I have 2 years to file a claim about any pain or injury because of this accident. Her insurance was responsible for my car and also the car I hit because she is the one that caused the accident.

Good that you chose option 1.. let them pay for everything. No reason for you to pay a dime.
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And anyone else who ever has an accident... go to the hospital immediately if you feel any pain! That way, #1 if it is something serious, it can be handled. #2 it is on the record that you were injured in the accident. I am so glad I went to the ER when I had my accident. I was complaining my lower back hurt. The cop said it was probably just the tension from the accident. He went over and worked with the first aid squad on the people in the other car. An old lady standing by that witnessed the whole thing, came over and kept me company. She went over to the first aid squad and gave them Holy He... for not checking on me. When I told them I couldn't turn my head and my back hurt they put me on a backboard and brought me in. I have a ruptured disc in my lower back that needs surgery.

When it acts up, ice is the best thing for it. It helps reduce any swelling and numbs the nerve that is involved.

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It's not too late to commence the treatment that the doctor recommended. And if it doesn't show any sign of improvement the first week, go back to the doctor. That's what I would do. You only have one back.
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