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H E L P !!!

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?? I have cats urinating outside of their box . . . it's in the middle of the bed ALL THE TIME! I have used Nature's Miracle, scrubbed the mattress, bought water proof mattress pads, locked the one that I caught in the bathroom with food, water & litter pan & still this continues.. ANY & ALL suggestions are GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!
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First you need to figure out who it is. If there's only 2 of them they need to get to the vet. Far too often thats the first sign of a urinary tract infection. If the vet sais they are okay, then you need to seperate the cats for a little bit. It could be stress, anger or frustration. How many litter boxes and how many cats are there? Do all the cats get along?
For an enzamatic cleaner I use and recomend NOK OUT. You can find it and read about it at www.kalever.com
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Sandie, I don't know if you saw Himis introduction in the lounge, but she has 7 himis.

hope this helps you, help her!
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Himi7, before I go into a VERY long possible conclusion....Let me know who you keep where and such. How many whole males/females you have.
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I have 7 Himis.

3 Male(1 is 13yrs old, 2yrs old{DAD of litter} & 1 yr old{youngest of litter} this week)

4 Females(1 is 3 yrs old, 2 yrs old{MOM of litter}, 1yr old & 1 yr old this week}

I do have it narrowed down to the 2. One of the young kittens does not get along with the 3 yr old Tortie Himi. They hiss & growl all the time @ each other.
The other one it could be is the young male kitten - he's had some kind of eye/chin allergy.

Any suggestions????

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Well, if you know which 2 it might be, the first thing I would do is take them both to the vet to be checked for a UTI. If all checks out then I would move to the behavior area.
First off, if all the males are whole then yes, you do have a problem. You wont get rid of the problem until the offender is taken away from the stress. Usually when they go in one place like the bed all the time(because it is yours and you treasure it) they are trying to tell you they are VERY pissed about something. With that many whole males and females, I can see where this may happen. For now, I would try seperating the two, weather it be either of them in a seperate room. Give it a week and while they are seperate just bring stuff in and out that smells of the other. After a week or so, I would give them both some Dr Bachs rescue remedy and try to re introduce them. Seperate them again if they are really bad with each other and try again the next day. Also, I would order some of that Nok out I put in the first post. While you are doing this, I would pour in onto the matress and then go to the closest store and buy a plastic matress cover, this way it will prevent it from soaking in again.
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