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Hi ! [IMG]http://[/IMG] Have a good day
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Hi Himi7! please post an introduction in our cat lounge so we can all properly welcome you!

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Hi All. Sorry I haven't properly introduced myself. My name is Lori. I own 7 Himilayn cats.(I breed them & kept the litter of 3 - They're SO CUTE . . . I couldn't bare to part with them)
For fun, I like to read, go to the movies, play on the comp, ect.

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Welcome Himi7. We're glad you found The Cat Site. I hope you don't mind that I moved your thread into the Cat Lounge. This is where we talk about ourselves and get to know each other. I'm sure you'll get lots of welcomes here.
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Hi Lori!

Welcome. I'm glad your thread was moved, because more people will know that you are here.

Where in NY do you live? I saw on your profile that you're an emergency room nurse, and my first thought was that you lived in NYC and I can't imagine what an emergency room there must be like!

you cats sound adorable! If you have pics we'd love for you to post them!
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Hi Lori and welcome. Himalayans are such beautifull cats. I would love to see pics as well.
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Hi everyone, Thanks for the warm welcome!
I'm SO EMBARASSED!!! I was typing so fast I spelt
Himalayans wrong . . . please forgive me.
Have a nice night!
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Himi7; Welcome to our Cat Site family. Hope to see you back often.

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Hi Himi7!

Welcome to the cat site. Hope you like it!
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Hi there Himi7...welcome to the cat site - it is a great place with great people - I really hope that you enjoy it as much as I do

P.S Himi7 I have just come back from New York - Great place
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Hi Himi :angel2:

I had a Himalayan for 18 years He was the sweetest baby too! He passed away this past February...he was so very special.

I can totally relate why you can't part with all your little ones; but then I feel that way about all of 'em :angel2::laughing2

I hope you enjoy posting here

Love, Peace &
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Welcome Himi7
I'm sure you will enjoy The Cat Site. My sister has a Himalayan and she is so adorable. I can see why you couldn't give up the babies.
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