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Our 2 cats spend the nights in a bathroom and the past week or 2 I've found the lights on when I let them out in the morning and I can't figure out a way to keep them from doing it. I think it might be just one doing it when she rubs on the switch. I can't tape the switches, becuase that would just be something to challenge them and they'd probably eat the tape. Any thoughts?
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Maybe you could put a heavy object in front of the switch so she can't walk by that area
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unscrew the light bulbs and just plug in a night light. Perhaps this is a way for them to say they don't appreciate being shut in a dark room and they want out?
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It happens during the day too, when the door is open, so it isn't a problem with the darkness. They do fine in the dark, chasing each other and opening drawers (empty ones) and playing with toys. It's where they've stayed since we got them and this just started recently. I did see the female turn it on while rubbing on it one day, so I think that's all it is.
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Perhaps don't leave them in the bathroom? Unless it is a big room, with toys and a cat tree, they could simply be bored in there. My cats can't stand being contained in a closed up room.
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I have never had a problem with my cats turning lights on, but two of mine jump at the switches and will turn my lights off all of the time.
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It's a good sized bathroom. As I said before, they chase each other around in it and play with their toys. I wouldn't close them up in a small room.
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Maybe you could try one of those light covers like you would put on the switch in a child's room.

Here is a site that offers some,but this is not exactly what I was thinking of but it should work.


I had a Mickey Mouse light plate for my son and it had a Mickey Mouse cover thing that fit on top of the plate and switch.You just had to slide the Mickey Mouse up or down,but it would be a lot harder for a cat to use one of these.LOL.

Good luck.
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