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Another furball lover!

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Not only am I new to TCS, but new to forums period, so please forgive my errors until I catch on ... hopefully not too long! I have had kitties all my life, and am blessed with one beautiful tuxedo male right now. My oldest daughter and I found him one day at the shelter - he actually picked us. He was unfortunately, already declawed already, but still lives the good life both indoors and out - of course, your highness decides if the weather is acceptable, he mostly winters inside and summers outside for a few hours a day. Climbs trees, catches birds, snakes and whatever else catches his fancy at the time. We named him Lucky, but actually it is us who feels lucky to have him! He has the most amuzing personality and seems to try to speak human with us! We love him and enjoy the love he returns to us in so many ways!
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Welcome to the cat site! I know what you mean, cats always seem to find us! I would be careful letting him out though because if another cat came by that decided he wanted to fight, your baby could defend himself as well. I know there are many links to outdoor enclosures, that I myself would love to have! I am sure someone on here can give you them, if not private message (pm button on bottom of my post) me and I can find them for you!
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And for your kind concern regarding our declawed Lucky kitty going outside! We have a small backyard, fully fenced - we've blocked all of his little escape routes under the fence but he hasn't really been interested in going beyond the backyard anyhow. And usually when we go inside, he comes too or if not, he's not too far behind us.

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Your welcome, it seems you accompany him outside anyways so that is wonderful, I will post some links anyways just cause I think these are so cool! You are going to love this place I hope, just don't get addicted to it! And don't be scared to ask questions!

This one isn't quite the same but it is an idea

This one here is really cool, you can look at pictures of how people did things differently!
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Looks like you have a housefull! The kids and I would love to have more, but there are sufficient allergies in the house that force us to be grateful for our one beauty ... You must have fun with kitty litter and feeding times!

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Great ideas. Lucky is such a chicken, I'd probably have to be in there with him too! Hmmm might be a good way to avoid those pesky mosquitos!!

Love the site ... yes, I think it would be pretty easy to get addicted. There are so many interesting reads! My aunt (Rapunzel) introduced me to this site and also sent me the Cooking with Cattitude recipe CD. Love it! I just entered a picture of Lucky and my oldest daughter into Caption This. That should be a good couple of laughs to see what people write!

Haven't figured out yet how to reduce the bytes of my pictures yet so I haven't attached a pic yet of Lucky. Soon though.

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Oh gosh yes we have a huge household of our 9 kitties. We also have two large dogs. We buy sooo much litter, we have to leave food out because it would be so hard trying to feed them all seperately, I am going to have to start feeding Mittens (Mittens is the black and white one next to the long hair on the top level, you can't see the white on him though) seperately because he is overweight. Right now we are having trouble because when Doku (little tortie) got spayed she brought home something, kinda like a cold so now that is spreading like wildfire at our house. We are stocked up on meds though for them, boy is it hard giving pills to 6 cats!
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Ouch, meds for 9 .... Lucky gives me a hard time, can't image 9! Can't imagine your monthly $ output either!! Love huh! They really are worth it though and they do say thank you in the nicest ways.

Good luck to you and thank you for your kindess!

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You are very welcome and thank you, if you ever want to, you can e-mail me just to talk
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Here's a picture of our man! He really has one of the sweetest personalities - and I'm convinced that he believes he can talk human!

and in slimmer days, he owned the window sill!!

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Welcome to the site! Glad Rapunzel pointed us out for you and Lucky!
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Your pictures didn't show up, if you want I can reduce the size for them, just e-mail me or pm me, I don't mind I need something to do anyways!
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I just joined recently myself and l am already addicted! The people here are sooooo nice and soooo informative. You will love it!

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Welcome to you and Lucky!
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Welcome to the site Kathy, I hope you enjoy it here as much as I do
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Originally posted by whitewhiskers

Haven't figured out yet how to reduce the bytes of my pictures yet so I haven't attached a pic yet of Lucky. Soon though.
Hey, Kath! Welcome! Glad you decided to check it out.

You can reduce size in ACDSee, under Enhance/resize make the longest side 400, and you'll get exactly what you need.

Hope you have fun here -- it is addictive.

Auntie Fran
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Welcome to TCS to you and your family.

And thanks for bringing Lucky into your household.
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Is it me, or has anyone else found that since joining TCS, that you're always curious (must be the feline in me) whats happening on the site? I love all the pictures, and my 3 girls go gaga at every picture!

Thanks for all the warm welcomes! I feel right at home. Now to go an work on making my Lucky pictures see-able.
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Hopefully, this time I'm giving you a picture of Lucky ....
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I see him now!! What a gorgeous kitty Lucky is!!
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a beltated welcome to you whitewhiskas and loverly lucky
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Thanks for all the welcomes!
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Aww how beautiful, I love that little black spot on his nose! Looks like a freckle!
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Welcome to TCS!
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