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Pets need help ASAP !

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Subject: CROSS POST-HELP Car Accident:Pets To Die

Crosspost everywhere
Woman suffers terrible car accident and is now disabled,
unable to return to her home for about 8 months.

Her nineteen cats and seven dogs will be put to death Friday if homes or fosters can't be located for them. This is the mandate of her ex-husband!

They are now located in northeastern Ohio, close to Cleveland.

There are three feline leukemia positive cats--they have been kept apart from the other animals.

The other cats have shots and are altered.

The dogs consist of three small dogs, under 30 pounds, the other 4 dogs are larger. All have shots and are altered.

Contact Dortheia Preston at 1 330 722 4115
or write me, Linda Beane at LJBeane1@aol.com
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Oh my gosh how awful! I wish I new of something to do. All I can think of is to call as many friends as possible and ask them to foster maybe 5 cats at a time. They could do it in there garage or something so they don't expose there own pets ..I'm just thinking out loud...any humane organizations around there that could help??

If this woman was in my area I would have plenty of foster homes that would help in a heartbeat! Is there a cat sancuary around?

Gosh...good luck and PLEASE keep us posted.
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I know, I found it on about.com this morning, and decided that our family here needed to see it too. They're too far from me for me to help either, but was hoping some of our members were closer or had friends/family/contacts, someway of helping out. I'd like to get my hands on her ex husband though, let him know what I thought of him, maybe sic a couple of my wild ferals on him even, hee, hee.
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