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Home alone for the weekend?

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We are planning a camping trip the weekend after next, leaving Friday evening and coming home Sunday afternoon. I am wondering if Dori would be ok home alone for the weekend if I left plenty of food and water and 2 litter boxes for her. I am really hating the thought of doing it, my boyfriend said she will be fine. We live in an apartment and we are going with our neighbors, otherwise I would ask them to check in on her. There aren't any other neighbors we would feel comfortable leaving a key with and I can't afford to board her for the weekend. I asked my mom and dad to come by and check on her, but they live across town and my dad said I was "being silly". I am thinking I will leave them my house key in case something happens and we don't make it back on time. But I am still a little uncomfortable leaving her for the whole weekend alone. Has anyone else left their kitty for the weekend? Is it a really bad idea?
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I'm sure i read that cats can be left for two days on their own as long as they had their food, water etc..????

I've only left Rosie on her own overnight, i came back and she was in a huff with me for a couple of hours!

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I am feeling so bad thinking about it. She sleeps with me every night.
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Oooooooh is she going to give you the silent treatment when you get back!!!

To put your mind at rest, why dont you ring the vet to confirm how long she could be left on her own?. Then you can go away with peace of mind, and decide how you can make it up to her when you get back LOL.

Im only joking!, i'm exactly the same on an overnight stay.

I'm sure she would be fine though as long as she has all her requirements.

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Your cat will be fine, it is only for a couple days. Just make sure you leave plenty of food and water. Put the bowls in different rooms and make sure they are a type of bowl that can not be tipped over too easy. The idea of leaving the key with your father is a very good idea. Tell him you will call or stop by as soon as you get home. If you for some reason, do no make it home in time, your father could check in on your baby. Be sure to leave him the phone number to your vet in case there is a problem. I have left my cats home alone for weekends without any problems, but I have 7 cats, so they keep each other company. By the way, you are not silly for worrying. I always hate leaving my cats alone for the weekend.
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I will leave mine alone for a weekend but no more than that. I do let my vet know that we will be away (in case they get an emergency call), and will make sure that a neighbor or friend has access to my place in case we are delayed. Since we free-feed on a regular basis, it is no big deal to open up their bins, fill up a jumbo water bowl and leave them. I have a neighbor come by to feed the outdoor ferals each day while we are gone.

I don't know how close you are to your vet, but there is a vet tech at my clinic that lives in the general area. She is my housesitter / caregiver when we travel and will swing by on her way home from work. She doesn't ask for money, but we give her a generous thank-you card upon return.
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Your kitty won't be speaking to you for a little bit after you get home, but she'll be fine! I've left mine for the weekend with no problem. The earlier answers are right on target.

I would add -- shut the doors to any rooms she doesn't have to be in. Give her the run of the large part of the apartment (living room, dining room) but if there are "extra" rooms where she does not need to be (an extra bedroom/bathroom) shut those doors. Also, if the litter box is in a bedroom, bathroom, whatever, be sure to prop that door open with something heavy. I left mine one time and one of the cats shut himself in a bedroom with no access to food, water, or the cat box. Luckily, he was fine, but please be careful.
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We leave Sam alone almost every other weekend in the summertime to go with my boyfriend to his races, but I always make someone come check on him (be it by guilt, begging or dinner for a week for repayment of taking care of him).

I have only left him one time all alone and I was a nervous wreck all weekend. I called several times and would talk on the answering machine to him until the machine cut off so he wouldnt feel all alone. When we came home and he was perfectly fine--a bit huffy for being left, but was really really glad to see us again. Alot better from his early days when he would track me down and pee on me for leaving him
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Thank you all very much for the help! I am feeling better about it all ready. My BF also suggested that I could ask his sister to come by and check on her also. I am just worried that since she doesn't know what's going on she is going to think I deserted her or something, since I have never left her for the night before. Too bad you can't bring kitties camping
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You might also want to do a check around the apartment to look for anything that she might get into trouble with. I always make sure to tie the mini-blind cords up into a little ball with twist-ties, so the cats can't get caught up in them.
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Tieing up the mini blind cord is a good idea, I am going to do that. I also called her vet and asked them for any suggestions. They said she would be fine at home alone and just mentioned that I should leave food and water for her in 2 different places in case she spills one (someone else mentioned that on this post) and also suggested to leave the tv or radio on low so that she has some noise. She said that some cats have been known to get mad at being left alone for longer periods than normal and will get even by messing things up, like clawing up the curtains for example. Hopefully, if she does get mad at me and she decides to destroy something she won't get hurt in the process. Oh and they also suggested that I don't keep anything breakable out on the countertops.
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