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Behavior during pregnancy

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I'm not sure whether to post this here or in ferals, maybe I should do both but....

We have a feral turned pet cat that is pregnant. I think she is about 30 -35 days pregnant since I'm guessing that she turned friendly when she went in heat about a month ago. After a great deal of debate, we've decided to let her continue the pregnancy and have her fixed after the kittens are born, but she's the first pregnant cat I've ever known, and I seem to be hitting some "rough waters" here with my new cat and existing family and fur family...

I'm trying not to bug my vet with a zillion "worried first mommy" questions, so I thought I would bug the professionals instead Plus, I plan to worry a lot on the board over the next month, because if I worry "outloud" at home, my husband gripes at me.

Ok - this cat NEVER meowed before, now she meows constantly, pacing and meowing, meowing and pacing.... She doesn't want to be picked up at all, though she seemed to enjoy it before, and is pretty grumpy about her whole situation. She's happy to spend the entire day sitting in my lap, but doesn't want anyone else to sit with her. She meows at my daughters (who have both been sympathetic and very gentle), purrs while she's being petted and then ten minutes later, she's growling and hissing at them. She LOVES me but mainly meows and meows and....

Understandably, she's been a shy cat since we brought her in, now she's extremely defensive. Every member of the family (except myself) has been scratched at least once in the last four days. She's finding a hundred places to hide where I would NOT WANT her to have kittens and continues to try to escape to the outdoors. I'm afraid that she may be further along than what I thought, based on the behavior changes over the last few days, although the vet thought she was early in the pregnancy and we can't feel any babies moving yet. She's healthy... but I don't know if she feels bad because of the pregnancy or if (having been feral) just wants OUT of the house. Last night, she attacked one of our other cats without provocation...

So....I'd like tips and ideas on ...

How breeders control the place where the kittens are born? We've provided several nesting boxes and cozy, dark places around the house. She's rejected all of them, (although our other cats think they are great. One of our other females has been sleeping in one of the boxes for three days now )

Ideas to make her more content to be indoors while keeping the rest of our family content as well?

When can you usually feel the babies moving? Maybe we're wrong about when she got pregnant?

If she's crying all the time, how will I know if something is really wrong?

I know... I'm a worry wart! But this is one of many reasons I've always spayed and neutered!!

Sorry to be so long-winded. I'm so glad to have a "sounding board".

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Hi Noelsmama. I am not a breeder. My kitty just had 6 kittens last week. She was always very loving, but became very untouchable during her pregnancy. She also attacked the other cats in the house at times. She would also sit and purr while being petted, only to turn and bite at the hand that stroked her when she had had enough. I just made sure that she had her space. She wanted me near her and would actually follow me around the house, but did not want to be held. She has always been very vocal so I'm not sure if that is normal or not for your cat.

I also provided numerous nests for her, she paid attention to some and ignored others. Her favorite place at night was laying on my bed right next to my pillow. The night before she had the babies she laid on my pillow nose to nose with me (I probably should have realized what was up then!) She came to me the next morning, while I was doing my hair in the bathroom and about 1/2 hour after eating a pouch of moist cat food and had her kittens right there. And while she labored, she preferred to be in my lap. I was amazed, but thrilled at the trust she had in me.

She has since turned back to the affectionate cat I had before the pregnancy, and her kitties are all doing well. We're having a great time with Mama and kitties.

Good luck to you!
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Hi Noelsmama - Just wondering how mama-cat-to-be is doing? Any changes? Can you feel the babies yet? Keep us posted!
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Well, things do seem to be settling down a bit. Casey seems more peaceful and serene. I guess she was just getting used to being kept inside constantly. Up until the last two weeks, I was still allowing her to go outdoors for a little while each day when my daughters went outside to play, or I went to feed the horses. She still wants to escape out the door, but she's settling down more and not pacing constantly.

Manxmom- as I read your post, I smiled at the similarities. Casey is now my shadow and wants to be in my lap every time I sit down. She has stopped meowing constantly, and the whole family is relieved.
--Except when she is saying, "Sit down! I want to get in your lap." She wears herself out following me from room to room and back again, poor little thing. She is getting along better with the other cats - or at least they have all chosen to ignore one another completely. She has been loving and affectionate with my daughters for the last couple of days, as long as they don't try to pick her up.

We bought her a new, cheetah print cat bed and she loves it. So maybe she will have her babies there. Last night, I think I felt the babies moving a little bit. I was so excited! I'm growing very attached to our new kitty, and feel very protective of her. I think we're still about 3 1/2 -4 weeks from the birth, as I am guessing she will be due around April 2. I'm not sure if I should feel the babies yet or not....

Thanks for checking in on us. We are very happy now with our decision, and hope for a small litter. I posted elsewhere that we have three friends waiting on the expected sweeties, so if she only has three or four, then homes are waiting for all of them - assuming we will get to keep at least one.
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It sounds like she is doing really well! I hope she has a small litter too. My kitty was very small, and became HUGE, but I really thought she'd only have 4...she had 6! Imagine my surprise! And its funny to see her now in her pre-pregnancy size. How she carried 6 is beyond me.

I bought a cat bed too. She ignored it! ha! ha!

I hope she gives you a little notice before she gives birth. I kept waiting and watching, and she still caught me by surprise!

Good luck!
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Hi I'm glad she's doing well. With about a month to go you should be able to tell she's pregnant, but with saying that we have had cats that up until only the last few weeks we've been able to tell. I didn't read this thread right through, but have you taken her to your vet? She will be able to tell you whether she's pregnant or not and will give her a check up before she has the kittens and please if you have any questions never worry surely one of us will have an answer. It's great you have homes organised for the babies already, I wish you lots of luck with her. Please keep us updated and I'll try and check in when I can.

Kindest Regards
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Well- we've just returned from a trip to Washington, DC and Casey was so glad to see us! Its amazing that we were gone for 5 days and I came back and we can feel the babies kicking!! I'm so excited!!!
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Oh that's so exciting. I can't wait to see pics of the babies.
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Poor Casey - every time she lays down, her belly looks so huge. She's starting to waddle. She's gotten used to our hands on her belly feeling for little kicks and rolling... I can't stand it, I love to feel the little heads and paws moving around. Now she rolls over, belly up, like, "OK, go ahead. Get it over with."

I can't hardly wait until the babies are here. Does anyone know how long it takes from the time you can see and feel movement? Because she was virtually wild when she got pregnant, I'm only able to guess at her due date....

She's been looking for dark spaces since she first came in, and she's always my shadow now, so I was wondering if there would be anything else I should look for?

Nervous new mommy,
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I have just had the fourth litter out of all my cats. You should not really bother her, but just give her a few pets from time to time. Let her do what she wants, and try and scout for a good place for her to have her kittens. A closed, isolated place would be good, but make sure you can reach her there. Do not pick her up
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Originally Posted by knicknack
I have just had the fourth litter out of all my cats. You should not really bother her, but just give her a few pets from time to time. Let her do what she wants, and try and scout for a good place for her to have her kittens. A closed, isolated place would be good, but make sure you can reach her there. Do not pick her up
Hi knicknack, firstly welcome on-board. Just to let you know she's had her kittens. I'm also interested why you advised her not to pick her up?

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