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I need your help.  

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You guys have some great names for your cats and I've had so many kittens (about 45 just this kitten season) that I'm running out of nicknames for them. Most of you will know that I usually name them after food but there's only so much food in my cupboard!

I'd really like to use some of the names of our members cats so if you'd like to, please post the name of your kitties here and I'll compile a list so that my orphaned and abandoned babies can have names. I know there are lots of name threads around but I don't want to go borrowing the names without asking first.
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What a lovely idea.
Here are my present 4
Mischa, Fat Tulip, Dirt and Katy.
Previous cats have been Harry Flashman, Pushka, Albie, Effie and Baby Anny.
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You could use mine anytime!.

" ROSIE " (short and sweet!)

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My two are easy ones. Simon and Max. My previous kitties were Jake, Mimi, and Lucy.
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You're more than welcome to use my kids' names!
Echo, Tiki & Bud (he's with my folks)
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Peedoodle and Kahu.

Past cats I have had:
Buffy, Spike, Gizmo, Romeo, Garlan, Penny, Muggsy, Bartles, and Scruffy.
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Thanks guys! Keep 'em coming.
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You could use my kid's name Patches.....And my half kids name Tiger too!!
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Rusty, Babycakes, Baby, Heifer, Snuggles,Yum-Yum, Punkin, Twinkletoes, Rurnt, Little Bit, Callie, Spot, Spitfire, Puddin, Miss Priss, Skittles, Orange, Tiger, Tigger, Odd Kitty, (We actually called Tigs litter #1, #2, #3 and Oddball) 'Tude (short for Attitude on legs)Buddy, Heathen.
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I have Opie, Rowdy and Buddy. In the past, there have been: Scamp, Feisty, Bootsie, Spunky, Tamale, Booger, Shamrock, Choo-Choo, Peanut, Satin, Itty Bit. My dogs' names will work, too: Ike and Pearl.

What the heck, my grandkids' nicknames will make good kitty names, too: Fizzy and Izzy.
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Feel free to take mine and my girfriend's VÃ:censor:ctor and Victoria.

Do what I have done: Historical names of historical people. If not of the day you found it. I named Planeta because she ended up here the day of the closest approximation of Mars to the earth. (Planeta means Planet in Spanish)
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Lily-Beth (who is a rescue that is 1/2 blind)



Jasper (rescue cat who is also 1/2 blind)


Charlie Renee


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Tiger - Babygirl - Butterfly - Sqweekers - Face - Terminator
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Ivo, Pumpkin, Wanda, Loppy, Captain Midnight
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Patches & Alley

Previous cats who have passed on:



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Hi, my current tribe's names are Hootie, Kisses, Bonesie, Tigger, Inky. Babies who have passed on were, Figaro, Boris, Peaches, Midnight, Calico, Calypso, Timpany, Sesame, Sapphire, Pink Paws, Nero, and how could I forget my little Simon, R.I.P. babies. hootiecat ONG and I also forgot to mention Dusty, Bumbler,and Blackie. bye h-cat
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Ok I will give you some of my past kitties as well!

The last two are Japanese, thats what I found was easy, just name them words from other languages! Neko means cat, Doku means poison!Have fun!
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I can relate! You are welcome to any of the ones in my signature. I have gone down the:
color path (Pinky, Ruby, Scarlett, Blackie)
cartoon character path (Shep, Boris, Natasha, Oscar, Tigger)
musicians (Bob Marley, Hendrix, Morrison, Janis Joplin, Muddy Waters, Koko Taylor)
ethnic (Angus, Sean, Patrick for "red" or Irish cats)
famous personalities (Hippocrates, Bogart)
TV characters (Spanky, Ellie Mae, Jethro)
physical characteristics (Stumpy, Tan Foot, Head)

I've been on and off the rock star theme for a few years now.
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past and present:

shredder- bailey-barty- bacardi-kahuna-funnyface- massey-fern-kabota-noddy-winkin-blinkin-norton-stryker-cleo-dunkin-ghost-mistery-ferguson-karma-champagne-tutti fruiti-cyclone-ripley-sundance-cassidy-tumbles-tag-marbles-black bart-smudge-franklin-gulliver-squirrel- taz-mckenzie-and pete.
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Oh wow - good luck with that lot!!!!!!!
I am amazed at how there are very few repeats - so much for every other cat being called Fluffy and Blackie!
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Jamie (Cat). Previous cats: Pirate, Ginger, Pussy Willow, Mitzi, Cricket, Straycat. My sister has had a Lose It and an Oliver, and her current cats are Trey and Eve. My mom has Sassy.
Jamie's litter was named thus: Prima, Secundus, Tertius (now Jamie; the people now have a Tertia), Quartus, and Quintus (now Paulie, I believe). I think there are probably some Web sites with cat names. If I come across any, I'll post a link. Here's a German link with several names: http://www.gong-verlag.de/CoCoCMS/ge...t.php?page=861
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you are welcom to use any of my names,

Angel, Peanut, Boo-Boo, Ginger, Kramer & Ava
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past, previous, and other cats i know!

Mr. Cat
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The kitties who are, or have been,in my life would be happy to share their names:

Cindy, Fawn, Suzy, Samantha, Gryphon, Nibs, Shasta, Percy, Chinook.
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Shadow, Graycie, Elsa, Frosta, Blaze, Fluffy, LC (means Little Cat),

Outside Ferals: Marmalaid, Sylvester, Stella, BooBoo, Missmuffy, Pixie.

Rainbowbridge Kittys:
Luna, Sam, Sugar, Blackie, Fluffy, Gracie, Lightfoot, Limpy(born with a broken leg which resulted in a limp), Tiger, Tigger, Mickey, Sandy, Garfield, Tinkerbell, Racer, DC(means D*** or Darn Cat)

Feel free to use any of them.
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mine... they are very singaporean names though..

Meow meow
boy boy
girl girl
ah beng
zai zai
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Here's mine,
Feel free to use them anytime!
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A few of my past & current cats are, Acorn,Sapan,High-way,Poem,Elmo,Angel,Yogi,Garfield,Lolly,Joshua,Benja,Danlara,Holly,Sophie,Muffin ,Sister,Skif,Penny,Simba,Mufusa

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You may use mine and also in memory of the ones in Rainbow Bridge:
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There is one of these at I Love Cats .com, there is some cool ones there. I noticed I have the one and only Hootie, who was originally named Snowflake by my son but nicknamed Hootiecat by me and my other son, and well..... it stuck! Also my auntie used to have a pretty siamese named mox-nix, she was so cool. bye ,h-cat. also it would be neat if you could use some of these or the others that are posted they are nice ones too.
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