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"Human"e Behavior

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I am putting this in behavior because is relates to "some" human behavior. I want to talk about something and I hope I am not being naive but I just don't understand how some humans can see an animal in distress and not help or will even make the situation worse. I just don't get it - I would never turn my back on an animal in need of help (or a human). My first experience with this frustration came when I was fifteen years old. My dad & I lived in an apartment while we were trying to sell our house (he and my step-mom were getting a divorce). Since the house was empty, he went over on the weekends to do the lawn work and such. Well one weekend he sees two people across the street trying to shoo two little kittens out of their yard; one with a water hose and the other with a rolled up newspaper. So my dad walks over and scoops up the two little babies and asks if he can take them; they said yes and off my dad went to the vet. According to the horrible people a stray had gotten under their deck and had a litter and these two happened to have just wandered out and they didn't want them there. Well the vet estimated that they were about 3-4 weeks old and he took a little bit of blood from each of their necks to test for feluk and such. All was good in that department but the vet warned us that they might not make it because of how young they were. We had to feed them formula with a syringe dropper and they had to sleep in a basket with a towel covered heating pad, they would poo on the towel so we changed it about twice a day. My dad has what is called a beer belly and with his shirt on he would lay them on top of his stomach, pull his shirt up and safety pin it. He would walk around and do stuff while the kittens would sleep in his shirt pouch!! They were so little, each one could fit in my hand! Well, they are now 7 years old and with me. I just couldn't see how someone could be so horrible to little baby kittens! The root word in humane is human!!! We are the keepers of this great world God has given us to live, we are responsible to all living creatures great and small. I just can't understand where this cruelty comes from, is there something mentally wrong with these people?
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I think evil comes in many different forms, and these people you have described are a great example. I'm so glad you were able to rescue these kittens and that they now have a wonderful loving home. I too can't understand how some people can treat animals. It'll break your heart.
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Evil comes in many forms. Being that I am a cat person, I see it way too often happen to helpless cats. In your situation the whole abuse issue started with the mom cat. Someone had a cat as a pet, didn't spay and viola, a helpless kitten left outside to fend or itself. I just wish there were more people that would open thier eyes and see what damage is done by choosing to ignore the responsibility of pet ownership. People are so quick to shoo or beat a cat and dont stop to think that they didnt ask to be there!!
I am so happy to hear what your dad did, it gives me a little hope
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Like Sandie said, there are alot of forms of evil in this world. It's very sad. You and your father sound like really wonderful human beings and your cats are very lucky you came along when you did.

The cat overpopulation boils down to irresponsible humans. And the ones who suffer are the animals who didn't ask to be born. It's a tragedy that I'm afraid will never end. At least not in my lifetime.

Be very proud of yourself and your dad for doing the right thing.

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Unfortunately there are so many forms of evil... I remember when I was little girl seeing in the kitchen of a restaurant a cook spinning around a cat holding him by the tail! I know that I started screaming and I don't remember anything else after , my mum took me out of there as quick as she could. To this day I have this image in my memory and in my nightmares... Just thinking of that bring tears to my eyes.

Fortunately there are people like your father and you that are wonderful human beings and imagining your father with the 2 kittens on his belly brought a lot of warmth to my heart. This is a beautiful story...

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Thanks Donna, Sandy, Dawn, & Anne-Claire. I just needed to vent a little. There are other stories I could tell where I have witnessed atrocities like this; some with good endings and some with not so good endings and sometimes it just gets to me :indiffere
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:angel2: Dear Sabra :angel2:

I just read these postings and I have to tell you what a great guy your dad is for actually showing you what compassion means in this world. Great father.

You're right, just as everyone else here is regarding how inhumane people are...it's not only to animals...it's even to each other. Sometimes people just don't care what they do because they think it won't make a difference. Everything we do in life makes some type of imprint on this earth, another person and even on our own spirit.

It's so refreshing to hear a story with a good ending. I hope you'll have those kitties with you for a very long time!

PS...as Anne-Claire stated in her posting...that visual of your dad with those kittens rolled in his shirt is so endearing!
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