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One Step Closer: Life on Mars?

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There WAS at least water, and apparently a lot of it!
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How fascinating. Wonder what happened to it?
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I am happy, happy, happy! And so is the whole membership of the Astronomy Society of PR!

What happened to the water in Mars is not known completely, but it's obvious the atmosphere was thick once, for in order to have liquid water, you need to have a large atmospheric pressure. So the question is then: What caused the bulk of the atmosphere to disappear, and what caused the temperature to go down?

One of the theories is that water is still in its liquid state, deep underground. And where there's water, there is LIFE.
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The whole effort is so amazing. I try to check their website each day to see the new photos (and to see what music they woke the Rovers up with: who says geeks are dull! )

There's a website which has great photos from many of the NASA explorations on it, at:

Planetary Photo Journal

I just finished an interesting novel called 'The Orion Protocol'
by Gary Tigerman, about a government cover-up of evidence of life on the Moon. In the afterwards to the novel he mentions that back in the 1950's, a panel of experts put together by the government issued a report advising that 'revealing evidence of extraterrestial intelligence to the public' could result in 'unprecedented social, religious and political chaos.' The famous anthropologist Margaret Mead was among the authors of the report.
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The only thing I could say when I saw this on the news last night-COOL!
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Lucia, my husband is one of the conspiracy theorists who believes that the government (all of the world's governments, really...) are covering up the knowledge they have about extra-terrestrials and contacts that have already been made. And of course, that claim that the public just couldn't handle the knowledge is always at the base of it.

Personally, I think it's horse pucky that the public couldn't handle it! At least not in today's age. Perhaps in 1946 when the Roswell incedent happened....

Of course, there are all kinds of wacky theories out there about aliens and what role they have played in earth's history. Aliens were responsible for the wonders of ancient Egypt, Jesus and the angels of the Bible were aliens (How's THAT for ridiculous!), we have treaties with aliens that only the world leaders know about, etc. etc.

I will say, it will be interesting to see how people react if/when they DO find definitive proof that there is or was life on Mars.
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That is so interesting
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Its cool, but Im not suprised at all. Now im not saying I believe in aliens, but all the pictures and facts about some areas on Mars lead me to wonder about it.
Take Cydonia for example. The supposed "face" on mars, and those pyramids. People have done calculations and stuff on the pyramids, and mathematically the chances of such forms appearing in nature is almost impossible. The sepration of the points on the bases, the proportions of the small ones to the large one, not to mention the uncanny resemblance in style and lay out to the Egyptian pyramids. Now theres always the possiblity that all the photos are hoaxes, or *edited*.
I do think the government is hiding something. Mabye not proof of life on mars, but still something.
so anyway.... doesn't suprise me in the slightest.

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Just because the rovers have found evidence of water being on the surface of Mars, they haven't found evidence of life and they're not equipped with any equipment to detect organic material, only minerals. Though it does sound promising. I'll just be cautiously optimistic on this one. It won't be until 2006/2007 until a rover is sent up with equipment to detect organic material.

And why aren't the rovers equipped to detect organic material? The equipment was already chosen for the expedition before news that Mars meteorites could possibly hold organic fossils came out back in 1996.

Mars Article
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Interesting article, Mags. What I can't get over is how clear the images are. I keep checking them out and marveling at technology.
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