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Blood panel recommended?

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My cat Sam is probably near 8 or 9 years old. I have had him almost 3 years, and was told that he was 5 when I adopted him, but I am aware that he may have been older. I think that the owners may have lied to make him younger, and make him more adoptable.

I am thinking of having the vet do a blood panel for him, we've never had one done, and I thought this would be useful if only to establish base levels.

Does this make any sense? I am thinking about future issues like kidney and liver function, if we have base levels now, we have something to compare with if he has issues as he reached "senior" status.
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Definately think that is a wise idea!
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Having lost a cat last fall to CRF I think it makes perfect sense. To my knowledge it certainly wouldn't do any harm.
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Having two senior kitties myself is would be a excellent idea to have it done once a year to start with. If anything concerning shows up the vet may or may not recommend it more often.

If he is thought to be 8 years plus (7 years is usually the break off point between adults and seniors if I read my info correctly), he would be considered senior by most accounts.

Good luck.
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I agree that you should get one. You want to establish a baseline test to judge their health each year, and about 9-10 years old is a great starting point. The vet can use this baseline to identify any changes in health as your baby ages.
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I agree completely....my vet's have what they call a geriatric panel and we do this on all my senior catizens when they first reach senior status, and then as needed based on any issues they are having.
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Thanks for the replies. I scheduled Sam for blood work at his Rabies vaccination appointment this Monday. The assistant said that yes, this is something that they recommend in their practice.
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This is a great idea! Check with your vet clinic if they can include a T4 (for thyroid). Most labs now offer "packages" that include the thyroid for no extra.
Deb E
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