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Tormented kitties

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I had to laugh when I went into the feed store earlier. The feed store is notorious for taking in stray kitties and keeping them as store cats. Well it is baby chick time, and inside the store they have 3 tubs full of baby chicks. Over the top of the tubs (new this year) was a covering of chicken wire. Perched on a wooden crate nearby watching the mulitude of baby chicks below there were three of the six store cats! LOL It was to funny how intent they were on their job of chick watching. Last year, when they were just kittens they weren't a threat to the chicks, but this year, if someone wants to pick out some chicks, the cats have to be rounded up and placed in the storeroom temporarily.

The look in their eyes was "Let me at em!" I told John next time I come in, I am bringing my camera!
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MA, you have GOT to get us a pic of that, it just sounds hilarious !
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Our Humane Society adoption center is the back end of a pet store. The pet store owner puts her hamsters in the little hamster balls and lets them run loose in her store. They often leave the store and wander in the adoption center. The cats are constrained in cages all around the center. Just imagine 30 sets of cat eyes fine tuned on the little hamster ball!

Yes MA, we want pics!
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Oh, I want a pet hamster for my cats to play with, I just imagine how much fun it would be to have a hamster ball rolling around the floor with cats chasing it. But someone convinced me that the hamster would probably die of fright.
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That sounds too cute!

My neighbor has about 10 rats.. and her cats love to sit on the patio and just watch them. Binky tries to grab them And sometimes she lets the rats run loose in the house.. Binky has never hurt them but I can see it happening sooner or later lol.
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Oh! Pics! Yes, please, MA! That sounds positively hysterical!
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