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40 days

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Well I have 40 days until my due date! I can't wait! I hope it goes quick! The doctor said I might be able to be induced if everything looks good. I hope I am induced because it will make it easy that way. I will already have my daughter at my moms if I am induced. If I am induced it will be 7 to 5 days before the due date. September 30 is my due date. Let the party begin!!!!

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I must have missed this post today. Congratulations, you're almost there! I remember that feeling, good and scary at the same time. My daughter was born on September 28, so we may be having a birthday party about the time you're having a baby!

I was induced with my second, and it was so much easier. I knew when he was coming, so my parents were already here to take care of Amy. Also, my wonderful doctor thought there was no reason to have pain during childbirth and gave me my epidural when he gave me the pitocin. Believe it or not, my doctor is a MAN!

I hope everything continues to go well!
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Congratulations, Nicole!!!! I can't wait to hear further word!!!! I am so happy for you!
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I also have a wonderful doctor. I have been thinking about having my tubes tied and we were talking about it the last time I went. He told me that they can do it right after I have the baby in the delivery room. I must have looked at him funny because he said your having an epidural aren't you? I said yes. He told me they would add something to it so it won't hurt. I thought I had to wait for a few weeks.

I was induced with my last child. It was so nice to know when the baby was coming! It's just the waiting part that stinks!
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A friend of mine had her tubes tied right in the delivery room. Wish I'd thought of that.
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Deb was she in alot of pain? I am so scared!
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Not that I recall. It was a long time ago (10+ years). I do remember that she had to argue with her doctor, who didn't want to do it "in case she changed her mind".

Although she had had complications for her epidural in her 1st delivery, so I imagine she thought anything couldn't be as bad as that!
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Congratulations! I'm down to 16 days til my due date! I wish my doctor would induce me, they haven't mentioned anything about it. It would be so nice to be able to plan, especially since I've already got two, and what a pain in the butt it'll be if I go into labor in the middle of the night.
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Hi there,

I thought I would butt in here...

If you are induced, make sure your doctor either gives you painkiller or an epidural. Induced labour is much more painful then a naturally initiated labour... Usually the contractions are much closer one to another and more painful, And they may not be as effective then without being induced...

On the subject of "tying the tubes", my doctor proposed that to me when I was going to do my second C-Section and I refused: I wouldn't feel confortable knowing that I couldn't be able to have another baby if ever I would change my mind. And somehow I wouldn't feel as "whole" as before... Does that make sense?

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Congratulations!Are you nest building yet Nicole?I think it started early with me,I also had my hospital bag ready when I was 6 months pregnant with my first daughter.My first daughter was over due by 7 days,so I was induced,but my second baby daughter was 5 days early,come to think about it, maybe thats why my eldest daughter who is now a teenager,finds it difficult to wake up in the mornings

All the very best Nicole with your pregnancy and birth and put your feet up and enjoy the rest

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kezzer I asked my doctor since I live an hour from the hospital. Also we have to travel on a very busy highway and there is construction. If you want to be induced I would ask my doctor.

Studio224 I am having an epidural I would not be having my tubes tied after with out it. I have had 2 epidurals already. One with my first child and one with my third child. I was induced with my third child it was not that bad it just took longer. My first child was born in 7 hours, my second in 3 hours and my third in 9 hours. That is start to finish.

Aristocat I think I have because I have been cleaning everything I have been doing this for a month.
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After reading Studio224's post, I think I'd be better off not being induced. I'm not a big fan of needles and totally afraid of having an epidural.The only way I would opt for one is if it were absolutley neccesary, by means of needing a c-section, etc. But even then I think I would just tell them to put me out for it.
I only have a 20 minute drive to the hospital, I would be scared with a drive as long as you've got. But that 20 minutes is easily dropped when going certain speeds over the limit, and know quite a few people who have made it there in about 8 minutes. Not that I want to risk making it there that fast while in labor, unless I really have to of course!
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I had 2 C-sections...

The first one was unexpected meaning that after 10 hours in labour (induced... 2 weeks after due time ;-) the baby started suffering, and they gave me a general anesthesy and C-section... Boy have I regretted not seeing my baby coming into the world...! And you know why they gave me a general anesthesy? Because i had refused to have an epidural and there was no time to give me one when the baby started suffering...

So... on the second pregnancy I was hoping I could avoid the C-section but... 1 week after the due time... nothing... The doctor said that labour could not be induced because I already had a C-section. However this time I wanted to see my baby being born! So I accepted to have an epidural. And I have never regretted that! Hearing his first cry, and looking into his eyes for the first time is something unbelievable!!!! Were it not for the epidural this could not have happened...

Where is the point of this?... Well don't be afraid of the needles. If your doctor says that you need to be induced, do it! He knows what's best for you and the baby... Just ask for painkillers! Epidural or something else... I am a firm believer that women don't need to have pain to have theirs babies! Birth is supposed to be one of the best moment in a woman life...

(Let me add that when you have a C-section with the epidural, the first 24 hours after are less painful then a c-section with a general anesthesy... why? because they keep the needle in place (and you don't feel anything) and keep pumping painkillers for a while so you feel great... and can enjoy the first hours with your baby...)

Hmmm... the smell of baby skin....

Anyway... i hope everything goes well with every one of ours pregnant Catsite Gals...

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kezzer I am afraid of needles too but I still had one done! It is wonderful.I also agree with Studio224 I would not want to miss seeing my baby when he comes into the world.
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Kezzer - One thing about having babies, you get stuck with lots of needles. I'm glad I'm not afraid of them because I got stuck repeatedly. Here you basically always get an IV when you're in labor, and I have very weak veins. Which means that every time they'd get an IV needle in, my vein would blow. I got stuck so many times until they could get one in to stay - finally had to call an anesthetist to do it. After all that, the epidural was a piece of cake. Also, you can't see what they're doing so it's not so bad. And it feels absolutely wonderful!

Simon's Mommy - Now I wish that I had had my tubes tied after my second. Since I guess my husband does not want any more kiddos, we're done. BUT, he won't go get a vasectomy. I refuse to get my tubes tied now because I'm afraid to have general anesthesia. I'm really allergic to demoral, and I'm afraid they'll forget and I'll keel over dead. Also, I can't take the pill, so BC is a big pain in the butt for us. Sure would be easier for hubby to get snipped...
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My hubby was going to get snipped. I said the hell with it I'll have it done because I am afraid he won't go through with it. Chicken!! I also am allergic to demoral and afraid of general anesthesia. My Doc said I will be awake for this and I'm not sure what to be afraid of now!

I have 4 kids and I just can't go through another pregnancy! I do not want anymore kids so I guess I'll have my tubes tied because if he did not end up getting snipped I will have a litter! LOL
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I refuse to get my tubes tied. If we decide we ever want a totally permanent BC method, hubby's going in. My theory: I carry the babies and go through the pain of childbirth, he gets to go through some pain associated with making them! Plus the whole thought of being cut open scares me. I'm a real chicken, I still can't believe I managed to have 2 children, and am having a third!
DawnT: I have practically no veins at all anymore, after my first I swear they sucked all the blood from me! My nurse, who is excellent, and very gentle, hates having to take my blood, because she has to take it from my hand, and it is soooo slow. I start bruising the second she even sticks the needle in. I'm mainly afraid of a needle in my back, I'm afraid if I move I'd be paralyzed. But I tend to tense up so much I probably wouldn't move, but it still scares me.

If it came down to it, I probably would have an epi if I needed a c-section, because I think I would truly feel lost by not seeing my baby come into the world. In fact had a few pregnancy dreams about all of a sudden I have a baby, but couldn't remember for the life of me how he was born. And waking up not knowing made me feel like I missed something and it was just a dream! Besides, what kind of gruesome birth story can I tell if I'm knocked out and don't know what happened! But whatever happens, as long as I end up with a healthy, beautiful baby, then it's all good!

lol simon's mommy! You mean you don't want your own football team! I know what you mean though, this is my third, and I'm feeling weird about it because my youngest is going to be 5, so I'm going to be giving up all the freedom I have of no diapers, bottles, and all that. Sometimes I find myself thinking whether or not I'm insane for wanting to go through the middle of the night feedings, and all the other not so fun stuff that goes along with babies. Plus, all the freedom I gave up just by being pregnant, no amusement park rides, no summer parties. At least it is all worth it in the end, but I don't think I want to go through it again after this.
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I don't like the idea of being cut open eaither but I had my gall blader out after my first child. The Doc said he could do it through one of my old scars in my belly button. He said it would be so small. I'm having it done by laparoscopy. I'm still scared!!!
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Keezer - It is hard to start all over with another baby especially when the kids you have are already so self sufficient. I think this is one of the reasons my hubby vetoed the idea of baby #3. If I had asked when we were in the throes of baby #2, I bet he would have agreed. But it's worth it, I think. Just imagine, soon you'll be rocking a sweet, wonderful smelling baby. (Of course, it'll be at 2 am while we're all asleep, but it'll still be nice!)
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Oh you guys, I have really learned alot from this thread...thanks!!! I am 35, will be 36 in October, and am suddenly ready to have a child (my first) hubby finally agreed to it, although at first he didn't want any more (he has 2 children from his first marriage) so I am hoping I will be able to get pregnant, but it may take awhile. Thanks for all the information!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I am so happy he finally agreed to the two of you having children!!! Are you going to try now? I have to give you a little party!

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Oh Thank you Nicole!!!!!!

He came and told me last night that he had been thinking about it alot, and was reconsidering his original refusal to have one (since he already has the two by his first marriage, and thinks he is too old now...38 ) He said he realized it wasn't fair to me.

So now I will be going off the pill, but it may take awhile, and it may NEVER happen, but at least I will know I tried!!!!!
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Debby!!!!!! I am so happy for you! I'll be sending you all my good luck fertility! I hope you get pregnant real soon!
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Thanks Kezzer!
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Debby I go to this site www.babyzone.com I used it to tell me when was a good time to try. You sign up and put in your info and it gives you a calender. I use it to track my pregnancy too. I will also send all my Good Luck fertility your way!!!

I aslo wanted to say I now have 34 days to go less if I am induced!! I can't wait!! I am going to ask my doctor on Thursday if I can set up the day to be induced. I bet they will tell me it is to early but I can ask.

Good Luck Debby!!!!
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Thank you Nicole, I added the website to my favorites and will go back and check it out later, when I have more time! Thanks again!!
You are an and I am getting excited for you! What names have you picked? You may have already said, but I can't remember.
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We have picked Deacon, Jakob, and Josh but we are still up in the air about a name. My hubby never wants to talk about names. He did say at one time we would name the baby after him but then he said no. He hates his name. Jason he likes Jay.
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My neice's little boy is named Jakob....I just love that name! I think they spell his name with a c, instead of k, but both are cute!
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Nicole - I have a brother in law named Josh, a nephew named Jacob, and a brother named Jay. Wierd, huh?
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Very wierd!!!!!!!
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