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hee hee

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I love that video!
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I love the last one, that butt wiggle gets me cracking up everytime!
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I am in tears from laughing

Thanks for sharing
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I was laughing so loud my mom wanted to know what was going on, I hadn't seen that for so long!
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It wouldn't load for me.
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I got that video in an email a long time ago but it only loaded part way, now I got to see the whole thing. Cats are crazy arn't they??

The cat in the bathtub happened to Shadow. Now she always looks in the tub before jumping in!!
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A guy in the office sent me that the other day.

Theres one that reminded me of Rosie, and that was the kitten jumping up her legs. Rosie used to do that, but it was more like a bunny hop starting from your legs right up to your shoulder where she would look down as if to say 'what you doing?'.

Thanks for sharing it, i would have sent it but i have a firewall around my computer.

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