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Tenderhearted sweetie

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I have to share this very sweet story. Some of you may have read about my kitty, Marcellus, who is now 9 months....he's one of the the morning biters. Yes, he is still biting, must be the feral mother thing, I'm sure of it. Anyway, sensitive and cautious type, you never quite know his mood type, the type who may let you touch him one moment and do the quick switcheroo. He is getting better though as long as you totally respect him. Anyway, there truly is something special about this guy. Last night I was rather upset, personal thing, and I was very, very sad. My dear, sweet Marcellus must have known. After last night, I really think cats know. He came up on the bed once I got in. He lay beside me and purred and purred and snuggled, rolled, and rubbed his head all over my face for about twenty minutes and then the sweet thing gently put his paw and my face and fell asleep, purring and trilling. I really, really think he was trying to comfort me. He's fairly sweet in the morning but he just wants to eat and he never has laid right by me like nor put that tender paw on my face like he did last night. It was so sweet, I will never forget that moment. I have a dog and he didn't even notice. :-) My other kitty just did his usual but my sweet Marcellus came to comfort me. And the thing was, I wasn't crying or anything, just sad and amazingly, he sensed this. So I have new love for this sweet kitty. Although he is a puzzle sometimes I know now that he has a very tender kitty heart.
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I noticed that Miikka did the same thing to me tonight, and I made this connection. It seems like when I am upset or feeling down she tries to make the extra effort to be cuddly and affectionate to try to cheer me up!

It brought a smile to my face!
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Yup. Cindy does that for me. Gryphon used to, too. That gentle paw on the face -- magic! Who said cats are aloof?!
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Before I got Willow My SO had a cat Named Missie. She was a very picky person when it came to people she called friends. I at the start wasn't one of them. Then after she came to live with me she ended up becoming my best friend. When ever I was upset she sat there with me and would listen to anything I had to say. When I cried she would litterally wipe away my tears by rubbing accross my face. The best part about it was at one point my SO and I were having some problems with our relationship. Missie Adored my SO after all she was his cat first. But when He had done something that I knew was totally wrong and not just me being my selfish me she would stop talking to or being near him. She would completely ignore him. Until he said sorry. then she would love up on him like she was telling him it was ok. even if I was still upset with him!! it was like I was supose to watch her to see if I should forgive him. She even use to scream at him when we were fighting. she would go and find him and then give hima stern meow and then turn and run back to where I was LOL I loved it!!! I always had someone else on my side.

Cats are amazing!!
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Animals can tell when we are upset.

When i split with my boyfriend last year, naturally i was upset, and Rosie would do the same as Marcellus, in fact, apart from my friends being there, i honestly don't know what i would have been like without Rosie!. She makes coming home so worthwhile!

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