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What do you all do when you are away? Do you have neighbors feed yours? Do you they do ok with that? You single cat owners do they get lonely if you are gone that long? Do they act out when you return? How about the litter box-is it ok when you are gone?
Does anyone recommend board and care like at a vet?

One reason I ask is I posted another message about mine being overly careful about covering up his poop/pee and drags things into the box. So I basically have to clean it twice a day in order to get the stuff out and have it have room for him to use again (he will pee on the side if it's full) I really don't care, but when I am gone I am wondering how to handle this!
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There is a nice article on TCS , here is a link for you to read . I don't know if that helps you or not .

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I generally have my mom come over and look in on them a few times during the time I will be gone. I put out an extra box (and obviously, lots of food and water) Since it's my mom, I don't feel too bad asking her to clean the boxes.

I'm now a bit more nervous about that because the last time my husband and I went away, my Simon got very stressed and ended up with a UTI. I may try to get a friend of mine to come over more often than my mom.
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I normally put Rosie into a cattery, which before i go further, was up to standard, but Rosie obviously missed her own surroundings.

She went in for the second time at christmas for a week, and when she came home she was very clingy with me for at least a week.

So now if i go away,she's staying in the comfort of her own home, because i've had several offers from friends who said they would go down on a daily basis to check on her.

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I'm afraid I put my lot into a cattery. It is mighty expensive as they can not share a pen so each has a nice one all to themselves! This way I know they are safe, warm and fed. I dont know how I would feel leaving them at home with someone coming in every day. What if they got hurt, what if I got burgled and they escaped. I could not put that onto someone else.
I dont go on holiday very often due to the cattery fees but I dont mind. Am going away this year (3 weeks in Vietnam - second year running) so I have got their injections up to date and all that. Trying to spread the cost ....
Its a personal choice though. I always check out about a dozen catteries though before I choose and go onto cattery overload by the end!
p.s. they sulk for about 2 days when they get home but we get over it
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I know what you mean Tulip. The cattery Rosie went into was 1st class in my ratings. The owner always made sure the cats got their cuddles while their owners were away, and their rooms, litter trays etc... were up to the standard that they should be, but i know she was upset this time because she shivered when i dropped her off this time, so you can imagine how i was. Even Anne the owner said that she hid under her blanket most of the time, bless her little heart.

It's me, i'm too soft.

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I have one of my best friends, Robyn, take care of Max for me. She stops briefly in the morning to check on him and then spends quite a bit of time with him at night. He loves her!!! He never acts out of sorts when I come home. He is so glad to see me and meows for me to sit down so he can jump in my lap. She cleans his litter box every day.

I'm very lucky that she is willing to kittysit for me. She loves Max and going over my house is a welcome retreat from her hectic home, which includes four sons, a husband and three dogs. I still pay her well though, as I don't want to take advantage of her.
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