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I watched this awesome documentery last night on the criminal aspect of marajuana in the states.

Its called Grass.

I didn't know that back in the 50s and so if you were caught with any of it you could get like 50 years in jail!!! How nutty is that!!

Well, if you ever have a chance to see it I do recommend it highly.....no pun intended
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Makes you think does'nt it. People over here in the UK dont even get that long for murder, even now!!!.

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I've seen that one. For a real laugh, find a videotaped copy of Reefer Madness. It was made in the 30s, as an anti-drug propaganda film. It portrays people getting hooked on marijuana and going insane, after one joint.

I don't condone recreational drug use but, that movie was over the top!
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I love that movie! It's hilarious! When I was in high school, the local movie theatre would play it as a double feature with the Cheech & Chong movies.
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