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Blood in stool

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Well my Levi is going to the vet tomorrow morning, but I'm wondering what are the possibilities of what is wrong with him? Last night he came by me & I noticed that there was blood on his rectum. So I cleaned it off & went to the litter box. there was a small amount of blood on his stool. I've only seen this once before & that was about 3 weeks ago, that time I didn't find anything in his stool & the amount that was on his rectum was so small I wasn't sure. This time it was definatly blood. Like I said I made an appointment for tomorrow, he's acting fine I guess I'm just a little worried & want to know what I should expect.
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Save and bring the stool sample from last night with you. The vet will want to examine that too. I think I remember that worms can cause blood in the stool. (Don't quote me on that tho. I'm not sure)

Let us know what the vet says!

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It could be colitis, parasites, or something he ate that caused the blood. Sending a fresh fecal to the vet would be the first thing to do, your cat may not even need to be examined depending on what they find when they run the fecal.
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We went this morning & they ran a fecal sample and found a round worm egg, so the vet gave me Panicure for both my boys. When I told her that he likes to eat kleenex & card board she also said that may cause some problems. (I try to keep them away from him, but it's amazing how quickly he can grab a kleenex off the table)
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Our female cat can not eat normal cat biscuits.. She must eat kitten biscuits at 2yrs old.. She is a smallish cat and the normal ones make her bleed & it only shows up in her stool..

If the vet found an egg, i am sure that was the problem..

It's great you got it checked out..

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