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there are some sick people in this world

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Calif. Molestation Victim Among Youngest

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) - A man was being held without bond on federal child pornography charges after agents on Monday said they seized images from his home showing him performing sex acts on a 2-month-old girl.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents said the girl is one of the youngest sexual assault victims they have ever encountered.

The suspect was arrested at his home Thursday after the agents said they found explicit video images showing him engaging in sex acts with the infant, who is now 8 months old.

The suspect is alleged to have distributed the images over the Internet, where they were recovered during a child pornography investigation in Detroit. The agents said they traced the images to his e-mail.

Authorities raided his El Dorado Hills home and seized computer equipment, a digital camera, and infant's clothing and bedding.

Larry M. Jeffs, 41, remains in the Sacramento County Jail, charged with producing and distributing child pornography. If convicted, he faces a maximum 50 years in prison.

The continuing Detroit investigation is part of the government's Operation Predator, which targets child sexual predators worldwide, including subscribers to Internet child pornography Web sites.

Since it began in July, the sweep has brought more than 2,000 arrests nationwide.

03/02/04 00:36 EST

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OMG that is so sick!

I hope he gets his just desserts in prison.
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That is truly stomach turning. I literally got nauseous reading the article. How ANYONE could do that is beyond me!

I hope they put him in general population in prison with a frickin' tattoo on his forehead saying what he did. THEY know how to deal with people like him!
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Go Heidi!, get off the fence there girl and tell it how it's said!!!!

Theres got to be something wrong with these people who get kicks out of something like that.

But i agree with you Heidi, tattoo them for all in sundry to see!.

But take it from me who has a friend as a prison warden, he won't go down well with the other inmates!

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I saw this on the news last night since it is in my area, it was HIS OWN DAUGHTER! That is just horrible, he was on a website chat or something will fellow sicko's and they all told each other what they do to kids! (at least this is what I hear). They don't know where the baby is right now, they don't even know if his wife knows, and if they do they aren't saying anything. He won't last one year in prison, I bet someone with a daughter would murder him!
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That is so sickening. Somebody should do a "Bobbitt" on that guy, IMO.
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This man should have all personal parts removed with a rusty butter knife..Nasty SOB
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Originally posted by Abby7625
This man should have all personal parts removed with a rusty butter knife..Nasty SOB
Exactly. People like this don't deserve to live. I just can't imagine how anyone could be so sick. Death to him.

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very sick!
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I read the article and wanted to rip his lungs out through his nose and then get down to the business of really hurting him. Then I saw the posts by the rest of you and decided that a fitting and proper punishment would be to put him in a room alone with you folks for about 5 minutes. After that you send what's left to prison with a sign on his head...preferably nailed on.

Any volunteers?

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He should get LIFE (if not the death penalty)not only 50 years!
This story is similar to the problem of child rape in Africa. The perpetrators did it because they believe it will cure or make them (the rapists)immune to AIDS.From what I remember, a lot of the victims are less than 1 year old.
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This story is similar to the problem of child rape in Africa. The perpetrators did it because they believe it will cure or make them (the rapists)immune to AIDS
THIS is an article about a survivor of child rape in South Africa, I read it when it was first published in the Daily Mirror and I cried buckets.

Be warned it is not pleasant reading.
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Any volunteers?
Count me in.

I agree -- he should get some sort of death penalty (the slower and more painful the better as far as Im concerned) there is no reason our tax dollars should go to supporting him or anyone else that does anything like this.
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count me in too
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A few years ago, a similiar incident happenned in Australia. An uncle raped his infant neice. He has since been convicted.
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I think that ba***** ought to get life in prison, not 50 yrs. But, with 50 yrs, he will be until he's 90 (if he is still alive) so I guess that in his case that is pretty much life.

Anyway, count me out as volunteer. I simply cannot find a crime fitting enough for the death penalty. Too inhumane, even for such people. Personally, I doubt I would be able to live with the remorse or guilt of contributing to the death of another human being, regardless of what he did.
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I respect your position on this. It'll be interesting to see if that position alters when you have children of your own. Perspectives tend to change with time. The death penalty has a place, but not in the manner it's currently being applied (or not applied as we have seen here in California where the 9th circuit recently issued a stay on a quadruple murderer that has been on death row for over 20 years).
I think we can agree to disagree on this one.
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Agree. Let's disagree

I agree that perspectives may change over time, but at the same time, I think that it is where you were raised that has more effect on your stand for the death penalty. I bet you that the easiest thing to find in Texas is a jury willing to say "strap him in the chair". But in Puerto Rico, where it was abolished in 1928 it is believed the average jury would rather let a murderer go innocent than approve of death penalty. My mother is against the death penalty even more than me, whenever a crime as hideous as the one we are talking of here, she gets even angrier and talking of how such people should be thrown in a medieval dungeon the rest of their lives.
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"...people should be thrown in a medieval dungeon the rest of their lives."

Medieval dungeons would be considered cruel and unusual punishment under todays guidelines and therefore won't happen.

Life without the possibility of parole is currently under review and will most likely be tossed out. Some states use a "25 to life" standard. Here in California a "life sentence" means that the offender (read convict) is eligible for a parole hearing after 7 years unless they are convicted under the 3 strikes law which then carries a sentence of 25 to life. That's not an unusual stance for states since the focus is on "rehabilitation" (read colossal failure). The reality is that most of these people WILL get out eventually and reoffend. You might want to look into the recidivism rates...particularly as they apply to child molesters. In the 80's there was a program going in a lot of states called "Parents United".
This group sought to keep the offenders out of prison and the families together. It was another colossal failure. We need tougher laws to protect our children. If a person kidnaps and hurts or molests a child, they have given up their right to have any freedom in the future at all, and imo the death penalty should be brought into play. We as a society have an obligation to protect those least able to defend themselves. If the death penalty is on the table perhaps some of these parasites will think twice about harming the kids in our society.
I wasn't raised in Texas btw. I was raised in Arizona. The taking of a human life by the state should be the last resort, but based on what we see in society today it is a necessary evil.
Your move.
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How could somebody do that? It just boggles my mind that there are people in this world who would do such horrific things. Why. Whats the point of raping a baby. I know that rape is consedered (sp) a power trip, but what kind of sick censored being could do that to a 2 month old baby. I'm sorry I just can't comprehend that happening. I guess I'm just very naive but that is just so sickning.
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Quite frankly I have grown to wonder if perhaps the people who do such things have got in truth some kind of loose screw in their head. That is something that we really ought to investigate, for if it is true, then I believe that the convicted people of such crimes ought to be put in a mental institution, instead of a prison.

Ok, my move. Here's my PxP.

First of all, I know the medieval dungeon is cruel and unusual punishment, but the "the more slower and painful death, the better" approach some folks here want is also, cruel and unusual. In most countries nowadays the death penalty as a whole is cruel and unusual.

Some prisoners are rehabilitated, they may be the minority, but because the prison system is not fully sucessful, does not mean that the full idea ought to be sold off as scrap ideas. However, it often depends on the kind of crime. For example, a gang member who did a lot of thefts and finally got arrested when he did an armed robbery on someone, IMO, has much more chance of being rehab. than a sick serial rapist/murderer.

I believe that for certain crimes, (such as the one of this topic) ought to be simply, life. However, it should be on harsher conditions. Unlike most criminals who get the chance to be rehabilitated, by having acess to things like libraries, some education, and work. IMO, they ought to be put in Maximum security, preferably solitary confinement, and life (without parole, btw).
If you put them in harsher prison conditions, and when I say harsher, I don't say medieval dungeons, I say, put them in a prison which isn't exaclty a country club.
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I personally like the dungeon idea for the more henious crimes. Maybe if they had that over their head instead of a plea bargain and a reduced sentence in a "country club" setting they would think twice before doing it. It seems to me that the countries who have stiff, cruel and unusual punishments have lower crime rates.
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OMG that makes me totally sick. He deserves to die, he has no right to be alive after fufilling(sp?) such an act. SICK SICK MAN.
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This is a very disturbing subject. When I was taking a psychology class several years back, we saw a video about a girl who had been raped at 6 months of age. At the time the video was made, she was 5 years old, and very very disturbed. She had started molesting her younger brother (she had since been adopted into a new family), and had become physically aggresive. They interviewed too -- she was very mentally ill.

I cannot imagine what must be wrong with these people who do these things. A baby this young could barely be the size of the length of your arm. What would even possess someone to do this?

I have to agree with Yoviher, however, that I do not support the death penalty under any circumstances. Although a natural human reaction is to wish death on such monsters, I still do not believe the death penalty is ethically acceptable. But that is a whole other discussion...

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Well, I guess the 'good news' is that if he is convicted and makes it to prison, that his fellow inmates will address the situation, assuming that he is allowed to mingle with the general population.
The fact that they don't know where the child is is even more frightening. He may have sold her.

Last year, I re-read Ann Rule's updated book on America's favorite serial killer, Ted Bundy. (For those who do not know her, she writes 'true crime' stories.) I had read the book years ago. She was in an unusual situation in that she actually knew Bundy. When she updated her book, she noted that he wound up having a biological child with one of his groupies. The mother had somehow managed to marry him and then ultimately managed to have sex with her despite prison regulations. I think she would be close to 20 now.All I could think when I read that was 'thank God that it wasn't a boy.'
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That is very sick. Knowing something has happened like that, knowing your child is probably growing over the net? That is very wrong and he deserves every minute of that 50 years.
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