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Why does Buffy do this?

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I had one of those calenders where you tear off a page every day to get to the current date. After every month, I collect all the days of the month and staple them together (the calender is of LOTR, and I'm a fan, lol). Some time near the end of the year, the February batch had fallen on the floor, and Willow peed near there, and some pee got on it (imagine my heartbreak). I didn't really throw it out. It's sitting on my shelf, and the other 11 months are safely packed away.

I sometimes let Buffy go onto that shelf, since she likes heights, and she soon goes over to that February pack. She starts niffing it intently, and eventually she lifts her head. Her mouth is open quite a bit, as if the smell was overwhelming and she's going to die. I thought it was a one time thing, but I let her go up there again today, and she did it again. Her mouth was open, like she was going to start panting. A week ago, I had my coat over me, and she was sniffing it intently. She soon lifted her head and her mouth was open. That coat was quickly thrown off (no wonder it smelled like pee...). Anyone know why she's doing this, opening her mouth like that after she smells Willow's pee? It's entertaining to watch, and quite interesting.
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Cats are scent driven and strong scent (such as urine and other animal scents) will stimulate them. She is stimulated from the encounter with the smell.
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whoa! that was a quick response! Thanks!
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BTW I would throw the peed on calendar sheet away if it were me.
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ah yeah, thats my plan... so hard though... I must tell myself that i'll never look at the pages again, what with the peed pages. I may suffer a form of withdrawal the second the booklet falls into the garbage... I must get the chocolate ready...
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Rosie does that with her mouth as well. Until i read what it meant, i always thought it was because they did'nt like the smell?, such as when she sniffed at my ex boyfriends mothers feet and did it!!.LOL

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My cat Cosmo does this when he cleans his bottom. I call it the OH face. He does it all the time.....
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I read its called phleming and they open their mouth so that they can get a better whiff lol.
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Your right Sicycat, i was trying to think of the name before!

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My cats do this as well, I call it the "stinky face" because thats what it looks like!
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