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Are they playing??

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OK I have been wondering for a while.. My two cats Bud and Jesse.. They will site there and look at each other, but there ears are back and there tails are just agoing back an forth.. Then Juesse the small starts meowing so loud.. Then after a few minutes of Jesse meowing They tackle eachother! Is this normal for them to be doing? Are they fighting????
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yes they are fighting, not playing- you can tell by the body language, movement of the tail etc. Time to split them up for a little bit for a time out-
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mmm I dunno.. Zoey and Saki do this all the time lol. They are just playing though. I would say if there is no violent cat screaming/hissing/spitting and blood shed that they would be playing.
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HMMM.. Did fur "fly"? Meaning tufts of fur on the ground? That is one definite sign of the fighting. Were there any wounds?

The signs I have seen so far is hissing, growling,wrestling WITH BITING,YOWLING, and FUR flying...

My cats LOVES to play wrestle all the time so they'd be staring at each other, start to bat at each other's head, ears are back, tails switching exciting then they'd start rolling and wrestling but they have not hissed, growled or really fight with fur flying.

The only times I've actually seen my cats fight was when I was tending to a pregnant stray and she attacked my cats and there was fur all over and a few wounds (scratches/bites) before I was able to stop them.

Hope that helps?
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Fur flys all the time in my house - but they are just playing. How can I tell? Because one will lie down on the floor, belly to the other cat and kinda "dare/beg" to bring it on. Occasionaly you will see two run down the hallway, and then back down - but on the second go around it will be the second chasing the first. Kinda of like "my turn!" After it is all over it is bath time for everyone.
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My cats do the same thing as Talon's. Fur flies all the time. I'm always pulling grey fur out of one mouth and black fur out of the other! They chase each other back and forth and I only break it up if one or the other seems really annoyed.
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Well, with my two there is hissying and growling.. And some-times hair.. But, not a large amounts.. Why do they do this? Do they not like eachother? But, they only do it at night..

They chase eachother.. But, I know they are playing then..
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What about other times of the day? Do they sit next to each other or do they avoid each other? Sounds like they get kind of rough when they 'play'.

I never see fur with Zoey and Saki.. they are pretty good with each other and love to play 'tag'. But Zoey gets that wild look in her eyes with her ears back and tail swishing back and forth.
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My cats carry on like that all the time and most mornings I vacuum enough hair to knit a new cat. I have watched them because at first it made me nervous and I noticed they take turns on who gets the upper hand so to speak. One chases the other then the tables turn and the other is chasing. Sally is just a complainer anyways and shes the one that makes the most noise. If the howling and screeching gets too loud I break it up, but most times they are back at it in a few minutes. Then I find them lounging together somewhere.
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My 2 will play that way. They look like they're ready to fight, with their ears back and tails flopping around, but they're usually not vocal. The only time I see fur flying is in the spring when they're shedding.
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How old are they and how long have they been together?
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