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Sharky's becoming JAWS  

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HELP!! Sharky my beautiful sweet baby is trying to "KILL" Ninya. I don't know what's happening here. We've been a calm little family now for over two years. Lately, for the past three weeks I would say, Sharky has been stalking Ninya and whenever he gets a chance he will pummel her. She's screaming and he has this most evil look in his eyes. I've never seen anything like it before in my life.

He is one of the most sweetest kitties I have (they're all sweet, but each in their own way) he is one of the most comedic cats I have too. Now, Ninya is the only female I have. She hides all day and the only time she wants to go outside is to use the potty. None of the cats except Opie can get along with her. He's the diplomat, but she's the one that's started all the friction to begin with. However, nothing's ever happened like this before.

Has anyone seen this type of behaviour? I seperate them as soon as I hear anything or, as soon as I see his ultimate attack in full mode.

Any suggestions are welcomed...thanks

Having Panic Attacks...
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Catarina; I know that you are wise enough and a seasoned enough cat owner, to know that this type of radical change may indicate a health problem! (in the early stage) Please keep an eye on Sharky and let us know how he is doing. . . .
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Hi Catarina,

I have only seen this behaviour for a few days at most. One of my cats is very calm (he is not the Alpha cat), sometimes he gets pissed off by one of the other and will stalk the other for a few days. Generally it will calm down by itself. However he doesn't seem as agressive as your Sharky seems.

Who is the Alpha cat in your household? Since this problem has been going on for 3 weeks now, maybe Sharky needs to see the vet? Something might be off balance there, lack of something in his food?
Are your cats spayed/neutered? If it were a few days I would say that it needs to be solved by itself but 3 weeks is a little scary...

Anyone out there with better suggestions?

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HaHaHaHaHaHaHa Oh Sensai Darlene...I just took them in for their yearly shots and exam, that's another thing! My own vet said there was nothing wrong with him!! Sharky attacks no other cat, no people and is otherwise quite a healthy animal. He eats well, is always watered and his eyes sparkle...really weird huh? Now, I will definitely take your suggestion and call an animal behaviouralist, perhaps my vet is uninformed about something. But, that's kind of strange and hard to believe simply because cats are his only patients. It's a Cat Clinic.

Anne Claire, good point, but they are all spayed and nutered, Opie is the only one that gets along with her. He is the Alpha...at times, BrownBrown, (her x) also gets along with her, but that's about it. Like I said, I've brought them all in for their yearly and all appear to be in very good health...Thank God...but, it is very scary and I'm without any other recourse but calling a therapist for him.

I'll keep ya posted.

Love, Peace &
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I hope you find out what's going on with Sharky...
Poor Ninya!
Oh no, Sharky's found out about Nomar!
The cat's out of the bag now.. :laughing2:
All kidding aside, I hope you find out what's wrong..
Kisses to Ninya

Nomar's mommy
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Is it possible that Ninya is sick? I have seen many cases where one cat will begin attacking a former friend cat for apparently no reason. Then it turns out that the victim had a very mild urinary tract infection or other mild illness. The aggressor detected a subtle change in scent because of the fever or illness and now sees the victim as an intruder. Try taking Ninya back into the vet for a check-up and have the vet check for a urinary tract infection and see if that helps.

Good luck!
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Catarina....I moved this to the Behaviour forum, I hope that's okay...I thought maybe you'd get more responses here! I sure hope you find out what is going on with Sharkey!
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That's something that may very well likely be the problem...however, I wonder why none of the other cats are acting that way. Either way, I've spoke with my vet again regarding this matter and he wanted to do another work up on Sharky. Then, if he checks out to be fine, then I'm going to take Ninya in ...it'll only take a day for the results. If they're both fine than...counseling for them or for me!

Thanks for these suggestions and your thoughts...I really do appreciate them

Love, Peace &

PS...Loretta...this has been going on since Nomar has come into the picture...I wonder ....hmmmmmmmm??????

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I actually have a similar problem. What I have noticed is that Lunette is my poriah cat. She is very timid and stand offish. Tabby who is the little witch in the family, will stalk her to no end. Tabby picks up on how vulnerable Lunette is and just keeps picking on her. In the wild, cats who live together will usually do this to the weak one. The weak ones slow them down and could cause harm to the group. Lunette at this point is so stressed out she is peeing in a corner of the house. The next step for these 2 loves is rescue remedy. With 11 cats, I guess I should be thankful that it's only 2 of them!!
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Wow, thanks Sandie,:angel2: you know, I thought of survival of the fittest or the weakest link kind of thing too, but I didn't think it held water since they were domesticated (you wouldn't know it at times with the Sharkmaster) that this would really be the case here.

Unfortunately you have this same thing going on...however; it does back up what I was thinking initially. My question's are this:

What in the world are they trying to protect? How is she slowing them down? They've lived together for over two years with no problem and this comes out of no where. Did Tabby and Lunette start doing this out of nowhere too? It'd be great to avoid a vet bill tomorrow, but I may as well get them checked up just to truly eliminate any other source. Otherwise, I'd have to totally agree with you.

My appointment's at 11:15 tomorrow...trust me, that can't come quick enough.

Love, Peace &
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LOL, trust me I went through the same thing. I even had everyone in the house tested for FELV among other things.
With domesticated cats, you may have taken most of the wild out of them but it is still there. Of course we somewhat know this because it is instinct to use sand to bury their poop, why you ask...because a preditor may smell that they have been there. Cats mark their territory to tell others to stay away. I am sure you have even read the threads saying that the cat is scratching at or near the food to put the scent there. Cats will bite and claw as natural instinct.
Okay, now that I have rambled on about that This tension between the two may have been building. As sharky went through the whole bunch, he may have found that he could only beat up Ninya which is when he figured out she is a poriah cat. However it could be something completly different. It is called re directed aggression. Senerio...Sharky and Ninya are sitting near each other, Sharky see's another stray cat through a window or in a distance. Now Sharky is upset and the closet feline to take it out on is Ninya. You are not home so you can't stop it right away. Now every time Sharky see's Ninya he is thinking about this traumatic experience. Can you think of anything that might fit in somewhere?
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Sandie :angel2:

I'll think on that one, but she's the one that started all of the friction...do you recall me saying that? She was the little B####
and let me tell ya, she was really good at it too! All of them were after her for a few days, but Sharky's never let up...it's just gotten worse. She had a litter of kittens, (over a year ago) then I finally got her spayed in time before my Brown Brown (he was still wild at the time) could get her again. So, I finally became close enough to Brown Brown to get him nutered (he's such a beauty) and I noticed this progressive bad attitude from her over a long period of time...see, this does go further back than the three weeks, it's just that in the three weeks, Sharky's had it with her I guess and she's on his hit list. The others just don't really care anymore and stay clear of her...Opie is very curious of her as he is most animals. He's the diplomat and the Alpha. He and Sharky are best friends and they play fight and run all over together. That's why I don't think Shark's sick...(whew) Sorry to run on here, but it's a long story.
Thanks for your eyes!
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Sorry, I forgot you said she has always been like this. I am by far an expert here, but It sounds like Sharky has had it and is bound and determined to be top cat of the house. As with most females in the house, they want to be the alpha cat.
Besides Lunette and Tabby here in the house, we have the Sebastion and Ariel situation. Sebastion is a very skiddish boy, but he was the 2nd boy in the house and always Alpha male. Ariel once she hit 1.5 years decided to take her role of Alpha female. This was not sitting well with Sebastion. Over a period of 3 months it had gotten so bad that they could not be in the same room without it sounding like I had lions in the house. Okay, so I tired to reason with them and it did not work. Since that time, I have had to put Sebastion and his sister in my daughters room. I have tried several times to re introduce and re establish roles in the house. I am still in the process but I have decided that they only way I am going to get this to work is to try Prozac or something similar. I am eventually going to give it to Sebastion and once he is out and all is okay, I can taper him off of it. By this time, he should adjust to life with 10 other cats okay. I am not willing to give any of my babies up because of this. Unfortunatley with cats, they are much more stressed with a multi cat enviroment. I am sure they would be happy if it were just one or two of them. Of course, my reasoning with forcing the issue is that I would never neglect,abuse or dump them. I keep telling them that life could be much worse, but they dont seem to get what I am telling them
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:laughing: Sandie :laughing: I thought you were suggesting that I go on Prozac..hey, it wouldn't be a bad idea if this household were on it! :LOL: I agree, I'm not giving anyone up because of this minor (major...depending on who's getting their butt kicked ...right?) detail...

Oh, I know, I've tried to reason with them but all he hears is,
"Sharky, blah, blah, blah, Ninya, blah, blah, blah NO!" So, that's all he understands Same deal with her too...oh well, so, I hate to see that you're having these same problems, but now, I must say I do understand them much better! Thanks Sandie...you've helped me a great deal tonite
Love, Peace &
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I've had a situation like this twice that I can remember, in many years of owning (being owned by) cats. The first was some years ago, two neutered males that started off life together when one was 18 months old the other a kitten (I had other cats as well). They were the best of friends for maybe a year and then the relationship soured, I have no idea why. They spent the next 15 years of their lives together sparring, occasionally (maybe once a month) having an all-out brawl sometimes requiring separation. Mostly they just avoided one another, didn't press one another's buttons, so to speak, and it wasn't a major problem.
Then two years ago I acquired two male kittens from the refuge, they absolutely idolised one another, best of mates, until they were about 18 months old when I acquired another kitten. Both of them wanted the new kitten and that drove a wedge between them. They don't cuddle up together anymore, one often chases the other and will down him if he can get his paws on him, and occasionally they have a fairly serious fight. All cats in this scenario are neutered. Again it's not a major problem, but then my cats are indoor/outdoor and can avoid each other if necessary. It seems these sort of conflicts are not uncommon in multi-cat households. I think, as someone else posted, that once past young cathood, many cats would prefer to be the only one in the household. They sure appreciate a mate while young, though.
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Hi Mary :angel2:

I'm glad you responded. You have confirmed my thoughts as Sandie and I have hashed this out earlier..thanks; it's so unfortunate too. I will never fully understand them, but even regardless of these unseemly behaviours, my love for them is undying!

Love, Peace &
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Hi Everyone :angel2:

I brought Shark to the vet's office and he said that he semmed absolutely fine and he thinks that he just dislikes Ninya and it could be for a variety of reasons. He told me to separate them as much as possible, because an injury can incur at this point seeings that he hold her in such high regard.

Now, I do have to bring Ninya in as well. I will have her checked for that bladder infection you have mentioned, Lotsocats, so...I guess tomorrow will hopefully bring us closer to a reason as to why he's doing this.

Otherwise, cats will be cats and dogs will be dogs and it's too bad that we will not all love each other; but that's life and that's all I got to say about that. :laughing2

Love, Peace &
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