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Need help

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Hello there.. I need some help I have three lovely cats two female age 11 months and one year and a male 7 months.Now my year old cat is on heat. And out of the blue my 7 month old male is buging my 11 month old cat. I don't get it. Is my 7 month male on heat and if he is why is he bugging my cat which is not even on heat. And the one which is on heat he is not even looking at her. Plz advice
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What do you mean by "bugging?" Is he mounting her and trying to mate with her?

I don't know much about intact cats, but 7 months seems a little young to be doing that... I thought they do not start going through "puberty" if you will until 8 months.

Do you want them to have kittens??? If not, I would suggest getting them all fixed.

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Yep he is trying to mount her. Well thats whats it's seems like. But she fight him back. He keeps following her around the house. Yeh I thought too he is to young... baby
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In that case, seems more like a dominance thing. Even cats and dogs who are neutered/spayed can do this.

May also be him just testing things out. xD

I haven't really ever had intact cats, so hopefully someone else who has intact cats can give their advice? :)

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Thanks Jahzara
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Do you want kittens? All of your females are too young to be having kittens but your male is not too young to impregnate them. I strongly suggest you have them spayed and neutered. Living in a house with intact males and females is not pleasant and they will need to be separated all the time.
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He is a little young but no wonder if he's surrounded by females with no competition! Yes, he can probably impregnate them by now, so keep them separated until the girls are spayed, or a month after the male is neutered (sperm can hide in the tubes for a while after neutering).
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Would you like help finding a low cost spay/neuter clinic in your area?
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