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Sweet story about dogs

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I was helping my sister move into her new wing on Saturday when I saw the sweetest thing. She has 2 dogs...14 yr old Duke and 2 yr old Angel. Duke is starting to get a little senile and he's forgetting to go pee outside. Sometimes we even wonder if he realizes he is peeing since he's walking around while he does it. Well, Angel has realized that the family isn't happy when Duke does this so he decided to take things into his own hands, so to speak.

Duke was in the living room just standing there when Angel's ears pricked up. He got up, walked over to Duke,and sniffed his crotch. He then took Duke's ear in his mouth and led him to the back door. Once there, Angel started barking to let my sister know they wanted to go out.

Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks!

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Aww that is so cute! Our two dogs Toby and Chance are somewhat like that, in the middle of the night they will go outside and then Chance won't want to come in, so Toby goes and grabs him and pulls him to the door. He also used to chase the cats back inside if they snuck out!
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Now that's a sweet story.
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That is so cool of Angel! And they say that dogs/cats aren't smart!
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What sweet stories, both of them
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Holy Mackerel! Ever neat!
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Aww! That's so cute!

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