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A while back someone posted about something that can be put in the litterbox for urine collection. What is it?

My poor kitty has been having UTI problems since late last year, but in order for the vet to get a specimen he has to knock him out because he is so hard to handle. I hate the thought of him being knocked out for the third time this year as it's very traumatic for him.
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It's called no-sorb and I got it from my Vet!!!

Here is a website for it!


Hope your baby feels better soon!
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You can use dried beans, it fakes out the cats enough to think it is litter and it won't soak up the urine. But there is also a special litter usually found at the vet's office that you can use.

Sorry about your kitty.
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I just collected urine for my cat's annual examination last week. In the past, I tried Nosorb and every other thing you can imagine. But, my cat would just not go! The only thing that worked for me was the litter my cats are used to using. I put a very small amount in the box, and just tilt it when he is through. I don't think a clumping litter would work, though. Good luck.
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Thanks for the thoughts, I feel so bad for my poor beasty. He has started going in and out of the litterbox again, only peeing every once in a while. And then it sounds like a lot of stopping and starting, and he's not quite squatting, kind of half standing up. He's only been off the amoxycillin for a little more than a week, but I think he's having problems again. Of course, maybe if there wasn't a nosy human outside his litterbox he would go just fine?

He's only five, but it's been a tough year for him, dx'ed with arthritis (he's taking cosequin for that) and starting clomiptramine, too.

I am going to ask the vet if we can try to get a sample that way, although now that we're a multi-cat household that's going to be tough. But, I'll figure something out, I've got enough litterboxes around the house for a colony at this point! The good news is that the vet didn't find any stones or blockages.

Thanks again everyone.
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I called the vet earlier this week, and he thinks the dose of clomiptramine is too high and that may be why my cat is acting weird in the litterbox. He thinks maybe he went in and forgot why! And, they also thought that the just standing in there was the same thing. So, I cut his dose back last night and will keep an eye on it. Of course, I am still to be on the lookout for any signs of straining or blood in the urine, but they don't think that he has another UTI at this time.

It's nice to have a support group of other catlovers who understand how upsetting it can be to have a sick kitty. Most people in "real life" don't really have the sort of connections with animals that we do. Thanks for listening and being here.
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