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Spring Fever Hits Nakita....

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First, let me apologize for being away from the forums recently. Too much to do , too little time!


Nakita was flying around the house this weekend. I was able to borrow a camera to document Nakita's spring fever that resulted from the warmer Toronto weather.

This is Part 1 since there are too many pics!

Nakita enjoying the window scenery...

Look how tall I am Mom!

Hello everyone!!

Enjoying the sunroom....or waiting for the morning mail?

The two loves in my life...


I'll post more pics later in the week!
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I was in Toronto this weekend. Great weather. Didn't need my winter coat once. Hope it sticks around for my next visit. Its been nice up north here too
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Finally I get my nakita fix... thanks russian blue!! She's such a beauty!!
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this cat belongs in the pages of Cat Fancy! Ok, let me rephrase that, this cat belongs with YOU, her picture belongs in Cat Fancy !
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Hi Nakita!

What beautiful pictures. It's nice to see them and even nicer to "see" you too, Kass!
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Great pictures for such a beautiful cat I especially love the black and white pictures. I do black and white photography myself and those pictures of Nakita are very cool
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Thank you so much for posting some new photos of beautiful Nakita!
I love her big green eyes!
Nice to see you again Nakita!
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Nakita is absoultely gorgeous! and those eyes......WOW!
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Nakita is lovely
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I just can't help but smile when I see the amazingly beautiful Nakita. Love her waving Hello.

HI KASS!!!!! Good to see YOU too!!
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Nakita is so beautiful Great shots!!
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Beautiful kitty! Glad we finally got to see some new pictures of Nakita!
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Your cat is really beautiful.... and those eyes .......nice pictures too!!!
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Nakita is stunning.

Thanks for the Nakita fix.
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Um...where are the pictures? All I see are the titles...
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I was thinking the same thing....
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Originally posted by caprice
Um...where are the pictures? All I see are the titles...
Sorry! I'm using a new photo storage website since Imagestation is giving so many headaches. I messed up the album at this new site and forgot to adjust this thread. Pics are back.

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Even though I didn't get a Russian Blue, they still have a special place in my heart! Nakita is absolutely beautiful! Can't wait to see more pictures of her.
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Ahhhhhh it's been WAY too long since my eyes have rested upon this stunning girl! Kass the photos are beautiful as always, and I do hope you post more when you have time. Hope you're doing well - it's obvious that Nakita is doing just great!
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She is absolutely adorable! and so photogenic! I can't wait to see the rest of the pics.
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Can we have Part Two yet? PLEASE!

Nakita is just so fantastically gorgeous!

She makes me heart skip a beat!

Lovely to see you Kass as well.
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Beautiful pics! I know I say this every time you post her pics but...

WHEN are you going to make her a model??? You could make a fortune putting those pics into a book! Between your photography skills and Nakita's beauty you could make a great coffee table book!
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