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Our D.T. for tuesday

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Happy Tuesday!

I think I was more tired this morning than yesterday!

Elinor, get your own copy of 'Fear Nothing', because it's really a good book.

3LK, hope it's not too hot in MO today. Since I spend most of my day inside, I'm never really sure what the temp is here.

BB2 is on tonight! I'm not sure if there is a HOH competition tonight or not. I think from reading the other boards there will be some sort of competition.

Now I've just got to make it through this day!
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Sure hope it does, we need the rains to quench all the fires. The rain suspends plans to put up more fencing. I am finally getting rid of the electric fence that keeps the horse in and putting up a nice stout wooden fence instead.

Clayton is turning out to be quite a mouser. I found 4 dead ones in the hay barn this morning, and Clayton was sitting so proudly in front of them to show them off. So far, I haven't been able to find anyone that wants an older cat. He is 5 years old according to the vet, so maybe he is telling me he wants to stick around here?

AP, I hope you get through the day in fine style and everyone else, I wish you a peaceful day full of kitty bumps on the chin
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Hissy; I hope it rains for your area today. I am saddened by all the loss of forests and natural wildlife habitat due to these fires. (not to mention the threat of injury to those men and women fighting the fires)
I know that fire is a natural form of purition and regeneration, but haven't we had enough for this year?

AP; Thank you it is cooler here; has been for about a week. I am waiting for BBII, also. They have to have some sort of HOH competiton; elsewise, who nominates the evictees? How was the Janet Jackson concert? Did you get there in time for most of it? I really should get some more sewing projects completed today, but we will see. . . . I may find some "more interesting" things here at TCS to involve my time.(creatively speaking) :dali: :pinky: I will have to check back after BBII,definitely!
Have a great day everyone.

Cleo; I want to send you special thoughts and prayers. Be strong; TOUGH LOVE can be a killer, but usually worth it in the end!

Dawnt91; I am praying for you, also; that your husband will have a change of heart. I know there is more than enough love in that family to bless another child. . . . . .

Oh, Yeah, I got the bill for my part of the "wonder bed".(what is owed after Medicare pays their allotment)
Let's just say that if it had a license; I would drive it, 'cause it cost about as much as a new car!!!!
Mr.Cat, you may have to share those recipes for Spam and canned cheese; the budget will be tight for several months. . . . . . .

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Well, made it through Monday and Tuesdays half over!

Went to the Neurologist today he wants to start me on a 3 day infusion of SoluMedrol then a 28 day taper of Prednisone to try to fight this exacerbation...yuck! I dont mind the infusions, but the Prednisone makes me hyper and shaky...not a good combo. Last time we did this I was scrubbing the moldings in the apt. at 3 a.m...:LOL:

The new kitty Gilligan is still not adjusting, and Lily isn't helping any by chasing him constantly. She chases, he hisses, she swats, he cries, I cuddle...you get the picture. Poor Cagney just lays there with her big 'ol tummy bulging...I wonder if she's thinking about whats in store for her in a week or so?

Thank you Darlene for the encouragement, my son called last night and wanted to stay the night, I told him Scott was here and he had to find another place...it was hard.

Hva e great night everyone, I'll be watching BB2 and eating baked chicken and corn on the cob....exciting life 'eh? :laughing2:

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Well Tuesday is nearly over. Its 8:05 pm. But thankgoodness. Its been kind of crazy with my son and his friends in and out. They keep drinking water and keep using more glasses.Maybe I should save the dishes for them. They like to eat too.
AP yes I am going to pick up my own copy at the library of Fear Nothing. We both like to read at the same time.
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Darlene - Thank you for your prayers. I'm just praying that I can accept my husband's feelings about this. God is helping me in this right now; my kids are being a bit (well, maybe a lot) on the bratty side this week. Makes me wonder how I'd manage three anyway. My husband is a wonderful man, and I need to respect his wishes in this. If he ever changes his mind, then we can discuss it, but otherwise, I'll be happy with what I have.
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I'd post about my day, but I'd be afraid of boring somebody to death. Let's just say the highlight was being on hold with my ISP for about 50 minutes.
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