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Oh, Gawd - its Monday!

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After a rough weekend (Bill and I both ailing a bit), Opie and Buddy decided to have a scrap, IN our bed. This was at 4:00 a.m. Try as I might, I could not get back to sleep.

This is probably a precursor, to how the rest of the week is going to go: work today, off tomorrow, work Wednesday, off Thursday (dentist appt - eek!), work Friday and Saturday. I'm going to be totally screwed up, this week. The only bright spot is that Friday is payday and I don't have any bills to pay, this week. I just have to buy Mark's birthday present. He's getting a Guitar Center gift certificate.

There was ONE ray of sunshine, over the weekend. Payless Shoes has a buy-one-get-one-half-price sale. I bought cute sandals for the twins. One pair is lavender and one pink - both with white daisies printed on them. Since I got them lavender and pink tops, for their birthday, these are perfect.

I was looking for a pair of white pumps and a pair of brown ones, for myself but, no luck at Payless. Dillard's was having a shoe sale so, I checked them out. No white or brown pumps, at a price that I want to pay (I passed on the $198 Stuart Weitzmans) but, found a pair of purple peau de soie sandals, with sequins, ankle straps and 4-inch heels. They were only $12.95 and too good of a bargain to pass up!

Hope everone else's week goes better, than mine.
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Blergh, Monday! Last Friday at the end of the day my boss dropped a surprise in my lap-he asked me to present at the weekly floor meeting at 1 pm today. The person who was supposed to present has no new data, since she hasn't done much work in the past few months. I don't mind doing it, but the thing that bugs me is that I offered 3 weeks ago and he said "No, she'll have to do it either way." Sigh. Gotta love Power Point at times like this.

It's also rainy and grey and I have a sinus headache. Can we just all call it a day and go back to bed? I'd really like that!

Hope everyone has a good day!
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Thats what i like to hear,a bargain!!!. Hope you both feel better soon.

Well i came in agin this morning to find my director had switched all the heating off-again!!!!.

The snows more or less away and i can't wait until i get home to warm up.If theres one thing about Rosie she's a great foot warmer!.

Have a great day everyone.

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Stayed up too late last night watching the Oscars, so my coffee cup is my best friend today. I want a nap and I still have half the day to go.

THey still have not even begun interviewing for the other paralegal position here. The girl I used to work with left in December and there is no replacement in sight. I'm swamped. Oh, well. I can only do what I can do, right?

Hope everyone has a good day (for a Monday!)
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I watched the Oscars last night, went to bed and had a rude awakening, one of my furbabies Taylor wet my bed (grr, I didn't clean his litter box yesterday). Woke up this morning and had to make a vet appointment for Neko, poor baby can't breath through his nose, he is walking around with his mouth open and he keeps sneezing. I think he caught it from Doku who got it from where she was spayed (they were working with lots of ferals that day). Doku is getting better, she is wanting to play more. So today I have to do laundry since Taylor used my bed as a litter box....looooong day today!

Oh and poor Neko was sleeping yesterday on the back of the couch and he sneezed so hard he fell off! It was funny but he must feel horrible, eveytime he sneezes he scares himself awake!
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katl8e I hope you and Bill feel better soon.
okeefecl and that surprise at the end of Friday, would surprise you how? I hope it went well.
rosiemac bosses are really not smart sometimes are they? LOL!
cla517 go home and get some sleep!
chixyb Taylor was punishing you for not cleaning his potty!
I hope Neko gets better soon!
Monday so far has been pretty good, I have to sit here tomorrow and wait for the plumbers so they can get the darn tree roots out of my sewer line! (GRRRRR! darn trees! why would the former owners plant a tree on a sewer line you ask? well cause it was way back in the early 1950 I think that they did it, apparently not thinking now each year we have a huge sewer bill cleaning it out)
But like I said, today so far is going rather well, I have the doors opened to let some fresh air in and the cats out on the porches,( I think they have cabin fever!) It's beautiful here, now warm yet, but warm enough to turn the heat down and let them out for awhile.
Nothing to clean, no dishes, no laundry, nothing to do today, got it all done yesterday! Happy day for me!!!!
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