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Delayed Pregnancy

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Hi there. i'm posting a message for my friend who does not have access to the internet. Aproximatly 36 hours ago, her 2 year old cat went into labour with her second litter of kittens. She had one and everything stopped, and she still feels like she has some kittens inside. We phoned the PDSA for some advice (because it was sunday we couldn't take her anywhere, its all closed for miles round here)and they said that the fact that her brother (who is autistic) was shouting at the time she could have become stressed and stopped the birthing process and would have the rest when she was ready! We have never heard of this before and i would appreiate it if anyone could give us some advice. We want to take her to the vets, but are conserned that the extreem cold weather we have today would harm the one kitten she has already had. Any help would be helpful as we are all conserned for their welfare.
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Moving this to the Health Forum where the experts can help.
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I would take her to the vet if she hasn't had more kittens yet. It is true that when they are stressed out, they can stop their labor and she really needs a quiet place to birth her kittens. They can go 15 minutes between birthing or 4 hours, any longer than that is cause for concern and time to go to the vet. You do not want a retained kitten for the sake and welfare of the mother and the litter both born and unborn.

Also please try and get your friend once the vet has delivered the rest of the kittens to understand that spaying the mother once the kittens are weaned, is a wise thing to do. It will prolong the mom's life and make life less stressful for all.
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thanks for your reply to my concerns. Myself and my mate took her cat and kitten to see the vet yesterday. They gave her a scan and said that although her stomach is destended still she does not have any more kittens inside, that was a relief. She has an infection that has caused her womb to swell, and as soon as the kitten is weened she is being spayed to prevent this happening again. The one kitten she has i have decided to give a home (i also have ger half brother who is just over 5 months old. i just thought you would all like to know that all is well. And again, thankyou for your help.
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That is good to hear, I am glad there was not a retained kitten and the infection was found quickly. Thanks for the update
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How wonderful - that is such great new! Thanks for keeping us in the loop.
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