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Sheet Rock dust and cats

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Ken and I are remodling the house. Right now we are sanding the sheetrock to make it smooth and well to be frank there is a lot of dust in the house. Does anyone know what kinds of effects it may have on my boys? What I should look for in symptoms are actions?

We have been keeping them locked in the other room when we are sanding but I can't make them stay there all the time. I noticed that The Sammycat was a little gray looking from the dust and washed him off. I did the same to Oscar and to Ceasar also. I don't want anything to happen to my boys because of this. Any advice?
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giving a bath is a good idea but it might be a good idea to wait till you are finished sanding first. Just watch for sneezing from all the dust and not worry to much.
also make sure that your fish tank is pretty well covered too so you don't have to change there water too.Love you lots sis.
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If you have a vaccum with a hose try sanding and vacuuming at the same time. This will eliminate the need to watch the cats or even sweep up afterward.
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Been there, done that. That dust seems to get everywhere, boy was I happy when the work was finished. I worried too, that there would be some problems with the sheet rock dust, so I put all my cats in the bedrooms while there was any sanding. I did the same when we painted. I made sure I vacuumed and moped the floor real good each time there was sanding involved.
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You could also run this tiny machine that does a powerful job sucking up dust and contaminants

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