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Moving Soon

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I will be moving into a new house in a few weeks. I want to make it easy on my kitty, Alley. She doesn't take too well to her carrier, she cries and it breaks my heart. I want to make this as stress-less as I possibly can for her. I am most worried about the time duration that the truck is being loaded, and people are in and out. Any suggestion?
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I just moved a month ago. I have 4 cats. I put mine in the bathroom and shut the door. We also put a sign up that said cats in here do not open door. We left them at the old house until everything was moved.

You could also set up a room at the new house and put them in there until everything is moved. Please make sure your movers know that you have the cats in one room if you choose to do this. This was no one will get out.

I hope this helps. Good Luck with the move!!!
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I was thinking of this plan of action, I am glad you have done it! The bathroom where I am at it VERY small, and Alley isn't too comfortable in there (I've been there temp. while my house is built). I was thinking about setting up the extra bedroom at the new home for her with her food, pottybox, and a couple of toys, and as you said post "Scared Kitty inside - DO NOT OPEN" on the door.
Thank you for your input!!!!
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You can also put a few drops of Bach's Rescue Remedy in her food about a half hour before the moving begins. This will help calm her but it will not make her drunk or drugged. You can get these drops at most health food stores.

I agree that keeping her in a bathroom no one will enter is a good idea.

Good luck!
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Thats how I did it 2 years ago. When I got to the new house, I put them in the bathroom for a day while I got most of the stuff settled. It seemed to help when they came out and they had some familiar stuff to see and smell. All of the furniture moving probably would have scared the poop out of them. I made sure I had their stuff like the cat tree, their favorite beds or napping spots all settled and then let them out. They were a lot calmer than I thought they would be and adjusted to the move really well.
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I'll have to look for this Bach's Rescue Remedy, maybe I'll take some so I can handle her cries better!! Thank you all for your input, I feel that I am on the right track. I hate to think about how upset she is going to be. I decided last night I will also give her my bed comforter in "her" room, so she will have the comfort and scents with her.
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Something to relax her is so important. Several years ago, I moved from Pennsylvania to Michigan, and then back to Pennsylvania after a few more years. For such a long trip, about 9 hours, I went to the vet and got a light sedative. I had nerver heard of Bach's Rescue Remedy.

When you move into your new house, Alley will probably be a little nervous, but her natural curiosity will soon take over. She will enjoy exploring and finding new hiding spots.
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Help! My cats hate to travel in the car, but I need to take them to Arkansas with me. It is about a 3 day trip and I want to take them both in the same carrier. They get along very well. I am concerned about how to keep them watered and littered during the travel time (about 8 hrs a day)I saw the Cat Rescue suggestion, but since I live in a very remote area of Northern Michigan's UP am not sure I will be able to get it. I could get something from my vet for their anxiety. Guess since I will be driving, I'd better notl take anything for mine.
Thanks. Laura
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I know what you'll all going through but here's another suggestion. Don't wash any bedding and if you are going to keep them in a carrier, get a big enough one to put a small litter pan inside. You can use a rabbit water bottle for their water. We are also preparing for a huge move (we moved from the eastcoast to the westcoast 4 years ago and are getting ready to go from the westcoast to the eastcoast). Besides my cats, I'm moving with 5 big dogs. Most of my cats will be with my best friends back on the eastcoast until I get there but a few will be moving with us. For those cats, we are setting up 2 cages in the Ryder truck (Ryder is the only one that has trucks where you can go from the driving area to the back of the truck without getting out of the truck. We did that during the last move.) with 2 dogs in their kennels. The other dogs will be with me in my SUV and hubby's SUV will be hitched to the Ryder truck. When we did the first move, we didn't have 2 SUVs and I did all the driving. We also didn't have 5 dogs at the time. With plenty of planning we did a great job. I'm sure we'll be fine the time around. Cats stay in one room and dogs in the other until the truck is loaded, then they get loaded. During the sleeping hours, husband sleeps in the truck with the cats and dogs and I sleep in the hotel (very bad back and I'm real cranky when I'm in pain) with the other dogs. We will have walkie talkies so we can keep in communication. I feel like I've become an expert at moving but I wouldn't have it any other way. Sorry this was so long.

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Rescue remedy can be found at almost all health and nutrition stores such as GNC. I dont like giving the cats RX tanqulizers because there is so much risk involved.
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Thanks everyone. I think the move will be easier than first anticipated. After listening to suggestions and realizing that we will be on the road only 8-9 hrs per day. Wow, sure seems like we have some folks with a lot of expertise out there. I appreciate all of you help and good luck on your move! Laura
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Good luck with the move. We came from CA to CT and we all made it in one piece..thank goodness.
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