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He Doesn't Meow

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Socks doesn't meow. The only time he will if is he and Fluffy are playfighting other then that nothing.
Is this normal or is he just weird?
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I dunno if that's normal but I do have feral cats who doesn't meow at all... probably like humans where there are those who do not speak much?
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Buddy doesn't "meow", either. Instead, he squeaks. He has a squeak for "hello", one for "pet me" and one that means "Mommy, I'm starving". A lot of the time, he opens his mouth and nothing comes out.

Opie only vocalizes when he's mad or tattling on the other two.

Rowdy "talks" enough for all three. Every night, after I go to bed, she trots around the house talking to herself. Whenever she uses the litter box, she loudly proclaims what she's done. She also loves to sit on Bill's lap and talk to him.
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Some of my cats do not meow, maybe once in a GREAT GREAT while, then there are the really talktive ones that moew, meow, meooooooowwwwww I think all kitties are different! All my guys have different meows, so are so soft and sweet and other are LOUD!
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I've seen alot of people here with cats that don't meow, I don't have one myself but if Socks does it sometimes then I would say he's okay.
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Yeah, I've encountered that.

Shasta talked up a storm. Nibs made it a tornado. Gryphon hardly spoke at all. Samantha moewed like crazy and turned up the volume if you weren't listening. Suzy's speech is so tiny and infrequent as to be almost non-existent. Cindy meows a fair bit, but not hugely. Fawn has a really strange little breathy "nnch, nnch, nnch".

They're all so different. He's just a cat of few words!
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The reason for the lack of sound when cats open their mouth is that I believe cats have a wider vocalization range than what we can hear. There is a sound just that our ears cannot hear it.

Also I read that the "meow" is something cats do not do in the 'wild.' It is done as a form of interaction with humans.
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Other than conflict or lust, cats do not vocalize, among themselves. They communicate via body language. They have learned, however, that WE communicate verbally and have adapted to that.

One of my past cats used to sit on top of the refrigerator and "sing". Sinatra he wasn't but, it was an endearing habit.

Of my thre cats, Rowdy has the largest vocal range. She has a "m-r-r-row", "p-r-r-rp" and numerous chirps and trills. When she gets herself shut into a closet or bedroom, she yowls and when she wants me to let the dogs in, she paws at the back door and says "mewp".
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I don't have any experience with a cat who doesn't meow, Dori, is actually the complete opposite. She meows all the time. I think it's probably because I talked to her so much when she was a kitten that she thinks she can have real conversations with me. It is sooooo funny sometimes. It's not even like she meows once and thats it. She meows all over, making different sounds. I love it, I think she's adorable. My boyfriend claims she gets on his nerves, but I have caught him talking to her as well But I'll never tell.
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My maine coon very rarely meows, which is common for the breed. He will only meow at meal times and even then it's a feeble sort of chirp rather than a meow.
My little DSH yowls all the time though.
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my cat does the same thing. i think that the the meow maybe humans cant hear that high or low. but what you do know is that it meows!
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The only sounds i hear coming from our male is chittering of the teeth when he see's a bird or when he comes up to us and we haven't noticed he will give out a little "meeo" as it's not a complete meow, but just enough for us to notice that he is there..

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