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What happens if you have more?

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What happens if you have more pets then what you are supposed to, they are all VERY well cared for, very healthy, and your house is perfect, well not perfect but clean? Do they normally let some people slid? I always worry, I do not know what the limit for where I live is, but I'm a worry wart!
We take all of our pets to the vet yearly, and when needed. We don't even think twice about going to the ER when one of them gets sick on the weekend, we keep a tidy home, and they have alot of room (they have two eight foot condos, a room to call there own, and a sun room to hang out in, plus full run of the house)
I just love my babies and don't want anything bad to happen to them. We only adopted one of our cats (my vet gave him to us that has to say something) the rest were ferals we found and took in.
We have learned what our limit is and will not go over it.
Is there loop holes for people like me?
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These do vary. If your house is clean, the animals properly licensed and vaccinated, and you are not complained on, chances are you will continue to operate for years. As I mentioned, we have lots of people that register multiple cats yearly. Some have been checked (register 50 in my city and I come see how things are going!) but for the most part, those with registered animals have much less to fear than those with unregistered animals.

Are there loop holes? Only if the limit included a grandfather clause to unlimited amounts and you were there when it went in effect. Otherwise, no. The officer may use their judgement but that is not a sure bet by any stretch.

The best suggestion is to keep what you have and allow nature to account for atttrition. Don't add to the kitty collective until you are at (or very near) the limit. Being one or two over may not create major headaches but being at the limit plus 20-30 could create the test of Soloman.
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Thank you, we really don't have THAT many, we have 12 cats inside cats, and two outside dogs. We look like we have 5 cats to the untrained eye, (four all white cats, four gray cats, two orange, one black, and one tortie). We are not going to take in any addtional kitties, and we never planned on having this many! We are very happy with our kitty family and it is a full house.
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