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Stray cat

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Hello everbody,
My husband had noticed a beautiful siamese cat in the neighborhood and started to worry when the weather started to turn cold. He began feeding it on the patio, but the cat remained very jittery and did not fall for attemps to persuade the cat indoors. This went on for a month. When the temperatures dropped below 0 degrees, my husband bought a trap, bought a cage, and trapped her. We have two indoor cats, and they reluctantly became tolerable of the idea of sharing their home with another cat. The new cat, Gypsy, is beginning to show signs of cooperation (not picking on our sweet boy cat as much) and staying away from our other female. We have now spent at least $500 on Gypsy since Jan. 3 of this year. In the last two weeks she has sprayed on the curtains and I have found several urine spots. I plan to take her back to the vet to get spayed; I hope she is not pregnant. The vet said it is sometimes difficult to tell if a cat has been spayed, if it was done at a very young age.I think she is younger than the 2 yr. old age the vet suspects. she has gained 1 1/2 pounds since we have had her. The peeing is a problem and I'm on my third bottle of Nature's Miracle. No one has claimed her despite our efforts of trying to locate her home. I have read all of the advice on inappropriate peeing, but it does not deter her. We have 3 litter boxes.
She had ringworms and tape worms, but that is cleared. I will get her checked for a UTI . Any other suggestions?
By the way, although my husband has been ever so kind to her, she has adopted me and has become my little shadow.
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I would suspect two things would be working here, one would be a UTI so the vet visit is a good call, the sooner the better. Also, if she is still trapped in her outdoor behavior and she could very well still be, she will spray the curtains every three days as a warning to your other cats to keep their distance. If you don't have a black light flashlight, you should buy one (they have them at PetSmart and you will be able to see all the urine in a darkened room with this light- and urine can travel. Try Nok-Out instead of Nature's Remedy once you see all the urine and if that doesn't work, take a strip of tin foil, a large sheet and hang it from the curtains or drapes on a string so it hangs directly in the spot where kitty sprays. When she sprays again, the urine will bounce off the foil and hit her in the rump (they hate that)

Good luck- also please see our thread here

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Thanks, Hissy, for your prompt reply. Nature's Miracle seems to be working, but I will try Nok Out and have been using the black lite, too. I'll give the aluminum foil another try, too. The spray repellents B'have and such have not helped much at all with our new cat. In fact she played with a ball that I purposely sprayed cat repellent on, just to see if it works. However, our other two cats appear to detest the smell of the repellent. Will continue to love them all and make sure they stay healthy.
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