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Ripley - now 15 weeks old - has FRV. As some of you know, I took him in from a feral litter. I have 5 other indoor kitties who have had extra vaccinations for this and are fine. Rip is growing and healthy otherwise, and appers very active and happy. I am concerned that he goes through periods of heavy breathing and congestion. He has had two courses of amoxicillin and I still have creams for his eye when that becomes weepy. My vet didn't offer much hope or guidence in helping Rip live with this disease. Is there anything I can do to help him unstuff his little nose and breath more easily? I the little guy.
Except for some sneezing and congestion he is fine. Added quite a spark to out little cat house!!
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I thought this was a potentially serious but completely treatable problem. Hmmmmm. Does your vet think that there is nothing to do that will help? Have you tried antibiotics?
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We have run two courses of amoxicillan (antibiotic). The vet didn't really want me to bother with him - he was feral, etc. She didn't think I should keep him due to his FRV. PHOOEY ON HER! He is so loving -
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Vets can be so cold sometimes!! It really is something that he will outgrow if given the chance. It is going to hang on for ahwile though. I had 2 babies who had chronic upper resp problems as kittens. The only thing that would take it away is doxycycline, which you really dont want to give to kittens. It can turn thier teeth yellow. I didnt really care and it helped them quite a bit. The turning point was when they hit a year old. Just hang in there and the little guy will be just fine
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Thanks for your words of encouragement!
He is too sweet to give up on and other that this problem is so healthy - he didn't even have tics or fleas or ear mites when we grabbed him.
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