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Fur changing colour?

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When we took Jeffrey to the vet for a blood test a while back they shaved some fur off his front paw where they were going to insert the needle.

Jeffrey is mainly white, with a few tabby patches, including these beautiful golden colour tabby-type markings down the insides of his front paws. However, on the right paw, where this fur was shaved off, it has now grown back white, not the lovely golden colour it was before. I don't think I'm imagining this! Has anyone experienced anything like this, or have any ideas why it could happen?

Jeffrey is generally a very healthy cat, although he does have a high corona virus titre.
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When Brutus was still around he was jet black, he got a disease (the vet could never figure out what was wrong) and he lost all the fur on his face, when it grew back it was more of a grey black. Also when Taylor lost fur on his cheek it grew back black with some white hairs in it. I have never had a white cat so I haven't noticed that, I just notice it in the black ones.
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Yep, it is happening to the trips, where they had their spay and were shaved their fur is now growing in with a sort of yellow tinge? I attribute it to stress from the procedure, sort of how we get gray hairs when we undergo some sort of trauma? My friend whose husband recently died unexpectedly, woke up the next morning with a big circle of pure white hair in the middle of the scalp. It was weird, and the doctor told her it was brought on by the stress.
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One of my kitties has that problem too. Luna was pure dark smoky gray all over and after she was spayed, the hair where they shaved her to spay her grew back white. It is exteremly cute, it's a little circle around her spay scar.
Isis when she got spayed, her hair never regrew back! so her little belly is covered in peach fuzz. Poor thing! I never had a prolem with the boys, one likes the vet so he NEVER stresses(an abyssinian) the other is terrified of the vet, but none of his fur changed has ever changed color.
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Russell's fur grew back normal. No extra white hairs or anything in the shaved area. But I did notice that he did have a few white hairs here and there after his neuter op.

Esper, well she handled her spay op like a pro. I was the one fretting. She even took out her own stitches two days after the operation which meant another vet visit, but no harm was done.
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My Samy is a grey cat. She has a white spot right on her chest (like a necklace pendent).

Just this year her fur on her shoulder blades are changing colour to a brown. It is wierd because she has been grey all over for 15 years.

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I've never experienced that, but I've heard a lot of stories of it happening, usually after some stressful event. Maybe it's hormonal?
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I've never experienced that, but I've heard a lot of stories of it happening, usually after some stressful event. Maybe it's hormonal? We moved from Pennsylvania, which has pretty extreme weather, to Germany, which is mild by comparison, with a Siamese, and after a few years I noticed his points (originally seal) faded a bit. Neighbors who moved from PA to Florida found that their Siamese`s sealpoints faded to an almost cinnamon color.
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