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here is a link to some photos

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I can't get my pictures on here, have NO idea why. Anyway, here is a link for you to see Sunshine and the new kitties at. I think I'll take some more photos and add them soon so I'll post when they are there. Thanks.

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dtolle - I used the link - quite the little wonderful family!
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Aren't they gorgeous
A great furry team!!! Give them a squeeze (not too strong) and a kiss from me!
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Toooooo cute!! (any available??!!!! :laughing: )

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AWW they are so sweet. Nice pics. Thanks for sharing
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Dtolle; They are all precious!!! I think I love the calico/torbie the best. She looks so active. Sunshine seems to be a "natural mother". Can't wait to see more pics as they grow and become "active" kittens! Thanks for sharing!
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You have a very cute new family. It will be nice to see them grow.
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I just added a couple of more photos to that link. I captured a couple while Sunshine left the basket! I want to keep a good photo journal, because I know soon enough they will all be in their new homes and I want to remember each one!! Here is the link one more time:

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Awwww...the kittens are so cute and Sunshine is a beautiful cat too!!
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Sunshine is gorgeous! Her eyes are just like sunshine too!
Her babies are so cute!!! awwwwwwwwwwwww
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Arrrrgggghhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Why o Why can I never see any pictures on this darn computer!! It's not fair I tell you!! All I want is to see the cute kitties you posted Cat!! (I'm guessing they're of kitties as I can't actually see any of them!!!)
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Are you getting those little red x's??? If so, click right on them and then click "Show Picture" see if this helps...otherwise click refresh Okay?

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Yup - it's thoses darn x 's again!! I just tried doing "show picture" and refresh, but alas.... the x 's are here to stay
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All four pics were there just fine for at least an hour, now, I'm having the same problem viewing them...don't feel bad, I really hoped to give dtolle a suprise smile today.
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Some people are having problems viewing the pics. Sorry everyone!! It must be a certain type of computer or something, some people have no problems and some can't see them....thanks for trying to look at them though!!!!
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