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Nice to meet everyone!

I went to my first cat show today believe it or not. I have completly fallen in love with the Cornish Rex kitties! They seem like they are such love bugs! Any Rex owners out there?

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Welcome kteelvr!
I don't own Rex, mine are DSH but they are "love bugs" in 3 different degrees.
Do you have pets?
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Hi yayi,

I have one domestic long hair and 2 dogs. My cat tolerates the dogs until they got on his nerves and he bops one of them on the head. My puppy wants to play with my cat (JJ) so bad and JJ just taunts her. If she's lucky, JJ will play a little. It's very funny to watch.

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Hi, Welcome to TCS. Cornish Rex are very beautiful cats!!

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LOL I know what you mean. I just adopted a ShihTzu and QT does that to him once in a while.
Anyway, once again, welcome to you, JJ and the doggies!
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Hi and welcome to TCS to you and your family - doggies included. I don't have a Rex but I hear they can make wonderful pets for the right person.
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Hi Welcome to TCS! We love all kinds of critters around here dogs included. I don't have a Cornish Rex, but I do had a DSH, Oscar: and a Manx, The Sammycat who is the ruler of this household. I also have 3 dogs, an Alaskan Malamute mix and a Siberian Husky and also a Minature Pinscher. So you are in great company around here many of us have kitties and dogs

Once again Welcome and really glad you can join us here, oh and post pictures of your babies when you can. We would all love to see them
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Welcome to the site! Hope you enjoy your time here!
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I used to have 2 Cornish Rex cats , but both cats are over the rainbow bridge now .
I love Cornish Rex cats , they are very active cats and can follow you around the house all day long . They are also very lovable cats . In the beginning I fell in love with their wonderfull waivy (sp) coat and then with their personality .
Here is a link of their profile

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W E L C O M E !!!! I don't have a Rex, but I do have
1-DSH and 1 siamese/persian mix. All animals are
beautiful and we look forward to hearing more about you family.---Persia
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Hi and welcome to TCS - no Cornish Rex's here either I'm afraid but they are very lovely
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