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Hi all,i stumbled apon your site a few weeks ago and have enjoyed going through and reading all the posts,But i thought it was about time i introduced myself..
My name is leigh and im a sah mum of emily 1yr,hayden 2yr,and of course the furr babies,anastasia,ceasar and winnie.We live in sydney australia and breed siamese,we are expecting our first litter in less than 21 days(not that were counting LOL)
Look forward to getting to know you all,and looking to learn more from the more experinced breeders

this is our mum to be anastasia
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Hi Stasia and welcome to the site. Glad to have you with us. Your cat is lovely. I have two cats mixed breed Rocky a black and white male and Gabby a grey and white female. Pic under my name. Look forward to hearing more about all your babies
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stasia - you will learn a lot here and make a lot of kitty friends. WELCOME! and enjoy your stay.
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Welcome Stasia!!! Glad to have you here! What beautiful girl she is!! I bet her babies will be absolutely grgeous! - you must post some pics when she has them! (So we can all drool over the cuteness....)

I have five furbabies, two are pedigree (1 Choc point Birman and 1 Black Cornish Rex.) I would love to breed with them but I fear I wouldn't be able to let any of the kittens go!!! Id have to keep them all! oh well....maybe one day....(and Ill just keep a few!)

Heres a welcome party: :pinky: :pinky: :flash: :afrorainb :LOL: :blubturq: :baloon:
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A warm welcome from me too!!!
Hope you enjoy the site as much as we all do!
Your cat is gorgeous!
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Mmmmm what a beautiful, happy looking girl... Welcome here,

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Welcome to The Cat Site!!! I also have Siamese aren't they WONDERFUL!!! Mine are not pedigree. I have one Blue Point Male, one Seal Point Female and one Lilac Point Female.

Congrats on the up comming litter!
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Dear Stasia; Welcome to the famiy! We know you are excited about your upcoming arrivals!
I once had a cat name Princess Anastasia she was a white longhaired persian. She was abandoned in my apartment building when her owners moved out. I never understood how they could have left such a beautiful and sweet girl behind. I hope we see you here often. We love, love, love new members and seeing pictures of new kitties!!!!:pinky:

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Welcome stasia!!!! I am glad you have joined us!!!
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I'm also a stay at home mom. I have a little girl who's almost 5 and a little boy who's 2 and a half. Right now they're running around the house screaming and yelling at each other, and I'm just at my wit's end with them. Sigh...

I also have two cats, Muffy and Puffy. They're both black and grey tabbies. Muffy is short haired and Puffy is, well, puffy. Puffy is Muffy's baby.

We're glad you found us here at The Cat Site!
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Hi! We have things in common already!
I am a kitten too (new member)
I am a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom)
I love cats!

My Savannah is a blue point himmy. I am awaiting
her picture to be added to this site and as soon
as it is up I can show you what she looks like!

I look forward to hearing about your kitties!
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Your kitty is so gorgeous and I love the light
that is upon her in the picture!
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Welcome Stasia!!
I'm sure you will enjoy it here. I have 6 cats at the moment. Speckals is a tortie and Spooky is all black. The other 4(a momma kitty and her 3 babies) were apparently dropped off near our home and decided to take up residence under our front porch. Your kitty is beautiful! I bet you are very excited about the new arrivals.
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WELCOM TO THE CATSITE. loved the picture you posted. we're all waiting to hear of the new babies.
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Welcome Stashia:

I'm sure you will like it here. I like to put attachments on my posts whenever I can. Here is my cat, Smokey.
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Hi Stasia :angel2:

Nice to see you here! I love Siamese cats...my neighbor has one that I'm taking care of right now. I never see her unfortunately. She hides all the time...but she's a lilac point from what I understand. From what I understand they're one of the most outgoing breeds too! Oh well, she's very shy I guess. Anyway, Congratulations on your first new borns (in advance There's a breeders section on the site I'm sure you'll enjoy very much.
I thought you might like these :pinky:

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I don't know how I overlooked this thread, but welcome to the site!

You'll have to let us know when the kitties get here!
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Thank you all for your warm welcome!!
I just got a digital camera so theres no need to worry ill be posting lots of baby pics.LOL

Here is mummys little boy and father-to-be Ceasar
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Hi Stasia!!! :angel2:

Ceaser is quite a handsome boy! And of course Anastasia is gorgeous! What color Siamese Cats are they...I'm definitely no expert on cats, but I do love learning as much as I can

It's great to know you'll be posting those pics too!!!

Thrilled to see them and looking out for many more! Especially of those little ones too

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Hi! It's nice to see another new member! As you can see I am pretty new myself. I love this place. There is always so much interesting stuff to read. Sometimes I get so busy reading that I forget to post any replies!
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