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How cool is this?

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I have a very wealthy uncle. Before my grandfather died, my uncle and he travelled together extensively. My grandfather fought in Italy in World War 2 and when he was in Florence with my uncle, told him that he wanted half of his ashes interred with his war comrades.

My uncle called me this morning and invited me to go with him and my mum to Florence to do this! We are flying out on the 30th April (to London, then Florence), flying back to London on the 3/5 and then spending the week in London. All expenses paid!

How lucky am I!!!!!!
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That is so cool, you are going to have soooo much fun!
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How incredible! Have a wonderful time. Both London and Italy are amazing!
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What a terrific thing for your uncle to do. I bet you can't wait!
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Wow!! That's neat. Have a great time.
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You're so lucky! I've always wanted to visit Italy. Hopefully someday my dreams will come true. Haha!
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That's incredible! WTG. Have fun.
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That's great! Europe is one of my fave places! So many places to visit and so much history. Have fun!
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