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Hey, i'm new to these forums : ) My name is Krista and i have owned cats and been a cat lover my whole life! Currently i have one cat named Pouncy, she's my baby!
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Welcome to TCS.

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Welcome! I too am new to the forums!!
Save their paws, don't declaw!!
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Hello and welcome tp TCS!!!!
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Welcome to TCS!!!! You will find this is a wonderful community!
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Hi Krista! Welcome to TCS, the most interesting and fun forum I've been on. Hehe! You'll get along great with the people here. Do you have any pics of your kitty?
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Welcome Krista and Pouncy!
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Big welcomes to both of you.

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Hi and welcome to TCS Krista and Pouncy.
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Welcome to the site Krista! I hope you enjoy your time here!!
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Welcome to you and your kitty! I know you'll enjoy
it here and would love to hear a lot from you and your kitty!--persia

My girls: Perky: and Daisy
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WELCOME TO TCS! Please enjoy!I know i do!
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Welcome to TCS!!!!
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Hi to Krista and Pouncy (great name by the way)
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Hi Krista and Pouncy!
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Krista and Pouncy, welcome to the site
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