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I will be joining everyone along with Sasha kitty. We are packing our ski suits. I am making him a new winter suit since he has never been out of Florida before

See ya'll at the Spam museum soon!
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TTMom, actually the weather in Minnesota is above normal for this time of year, so come with us and bring the dog along! Of course, the mild weather could always change suddenly too...
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Oh good! Sasha and I won't freeze in the snow We will bring our winter snow suits just in case!

I have decided to bring some other things along for the trip too:

Forks to eat spam with...
My camera to take lots of pictures...
Litter box for Sasha...
A walking stick for hiking at our destination...

That's all I can think of to take so far. We are riding the Greyhound bus up there (I hope the bus name doesn't scare Sasha). Our bus leaves in the morning so I better get packing!!!

Here is a pic of the bus
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Thank you all for coming to this final meeting before our departure. It's good to see so many of you have come here to the SPAM Museum in anticipation of our up-coming road trip! The poll having been closed, it appears we'll be heading for that part of the Orient which lies in the Southern Hemisphere.

Now, before we go any further, I've an important announcement. Remember the Boy Scout motto, "Be prepared"? Well, I'm not so sure any of us are fully prepared for what I'm about to say--but at least we're all sitting down.

We'll be making a slight detour prior to commencing our agreed-upon route for the road trip. This is unfortunate in some ways, as nobody likes such surprises, but I've decided it's an opportunity we can't afford to pass up. Thanks to some top-secret technology, this detour I mentioned will only take two days; and then we can settle in for what you'll agree will be a much more normal tour back here on Earth.

That's right, folks: For the next two days we'll be visiting . . .



Why us? you may ask. Why not trained astronauts and scientists? Well, in fact there are already such people on Mars. It's all been kept quite secret due to something which took place recently. You've heard all about the two unmanned rovers which landed on Mars? Well, one of them made this photograph:


Yes, that's right: It's a Martian! And this Martian sent a message here to Earth, requesting "an ordinary tour group" be sent to meet with a committee of Martians studying human behavior. Well, guess what? That tour group is us!

I had to keep all this quiet until now, because otherwise thousands of people would have showed up here wanting to go along. Don't worry, though: Everything's all set up for us; and we'll be leaving today aboard this space vehicle:

Inter-planetary conveyance

Instead of the usual several-months' trip each way, we'll be at Mars within two hours of our departure. The in-flight movie will be Apollo 13, I think. Either that, or Flash Gordon and the Attack of the Political Men. Anyway, when we land on Mars we'll go first to the living complex:

Human habitation complex

Whilst we're indulging in a nice Martian meal, scientists--humans--who've been there for a few weeks will tell us what to expect and will lay out a schedule of activity. For getting around in the immediate vicinity of the living complex, we'll be using transportation vehicles such as these:

Unloading ground conveyance from descent vehicle

For going longer distances we'll be riding in larger, enclosed vehicles. And we'll always be accompanied by people highly trained in coping with all contingencies.

Field-research conveyance

During our travels on Mars, you'll see various activites taking place. For example, considerable geologic data are being compiled by scientists in the field:

Geological field research

You'll also notice the presence of maintenance teams, which make sure everything is in good repair. Now and then these teams are accompanied by a Martian observer, but you probably won't encounter any Martians youselves until the appointed meeting time.

Periodic maintenance of robotic rover

Remember, the Martians are quite friendly! They're not those bad guys so often depicted in human literature. Anyway, we'll meet with the Martian study group on a small plateau with a great view of the surrounding countryside.

Remote observation post

By the way, you can make all the photographs you want! And the Martians have assured us you're welcome to ask as many questions as you like. Well, gather up your belongings and your companion animals. Yes, they're going too!


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Originally posted by 2rascalkitties
My husband and I are in the process of moving back to Hawaii (hometown- Oahu). That Spam museum sounds like fun. By the way, I love Spam.
SPAM trivia: The state with the largest consumption of SPAM is.....drumroll please......Hawaii!!
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Originally posted by Coco Maui
I have decided to bring some other things along for the trip too:

Forks to eat spam with...
When you visit their movie theater, they will serve you chunks of SPAM on pretzel sticks. No need to pack those forks of yours!!

Believe it or not, I had never tasted SPAM in my life until I visited here last year. My dad was a butcher and didn't allow it in the house!

LOL This thread is just too funny!!
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Joe, are you aware that I am secretary of juvenile affairs of the Astronomy Society of Puerto Rico? You folks have got an amateur astronomer on board! I am packing my telescope!

And as everyone got ready to board in Cape Canaveral, VÃ:censor:ctor was hauling the biggest luggage of all. On top of the clothes and equipment he had some strange wooden boxes that simply read "Equipo de Sobrevivencia" (Survival Equipment)

When the ship was already on way to Mars, Monofmany, asked "What are those crates?"

"Shhh," said VÃ:censor:ctor, "These are the bare nescesities, let me show you folks" As he opened the first crate a cardboard box was revealed that read "Chocolate Belge", the second crate's packages read "Santa Rita, Cosecha 1998, Cabernet Sauvignon, Valle Central, Chile" and the third one read "Cheese, Amsterdam, Holland".

Belgian Chocolate, Chilean Wines, Dutch Cheese.

"VÃ:censor:ctor, I thought you said these were the bare nescesities" Said Joe, thinking he had heard wrong. "These ARE the bare nescesities!" replied VÃ:censor:ctor, with a grin. "Come on, everyone can enjoy this stuff, that's why I brought so much!"

Like the snacks I've got?
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Victor, it's good you brought those things. For one, the Martians will be very pleased! And, of course, there's nothing like cheese and wine to help an inter-planetary traveller relax after a busy day of traversing Mars and meeting with its inhabitants. Thank you!

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Wine, cheese, and chocolate!!! Perfect snacks for a trip to Mars!

Sasha and I have been carefully studying our Mars globe in preparation for the trip!
We will be the navigators for the voyage!
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I ask: What are in those crates?

YUMMY! Wine, chocolate and cheese are perfect. But why not pack a little SPAM for the trip? They have all kinds of SPAM flavors to tempt even the most discriminating pallette!!

You guys crack me up!!
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Thank you, Momofmany, for taking care of everybody whilst we were at the SPAM Museum. You can take a break from work now, as Coco Maui and Sasha will be navigating the ship--with Victor at the helm, of course.

Those of you who've been on these trips before may recall there was always one person whom I brought with me. Well, she's along for the ride once more!

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Ya know, while everyone is up there in those-there neck of the woods, it's a simple hop, skip and jump over to see the world's largest six pack. I think this is in Lacrosse Wisconsin.

Victor, Cocoa, can you navigate us over there please?

Yup, we visit the best places when we travel!
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Maybe we could also go to Rochester, since it's only 40 miles away, and stop to take in a tour of the original Mayo Clinic? Maybe afterward, we could go to Silver Lake Park to see and feed the flocks of Canadian geese that winter there every year. I have been told that these geese were once thought to be extinct, but were rediscovered in Rochester.

Unfortunately, I don't have my own pictures to share, but I did find a site that has 19 pictures of Rochester and the Mayo Clinic and clearly explains what is seen in the pictures. http://home.venturecs.net/fastcars/welcome.html

And btw, Rochester is along the route to LaCrosse, so we can visit both places easily.
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Am I too late? Can I still hitch a ride on the rocket????

Got distracted in the theater at the SPAM Museum.....

So Trent and I are here and ready to go! Ophelia isn't much of a traveller, she prefers all 4 paws to remain firmly on the ground.

Since we are going to Mars, Trent made some kitty meows that sounded like he was quite excited! Somehow it wouldn't even surprise me if underneath those funny little helmets we found little pointy ears, big round eyes, and fuzzy faces!
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Welcome aboard, Heidi! No, you're not too late nor is anyone--thanks to the modern miracle of cyber space. I'm afraid a few of our passengers think they're still back on Earth, but that's all right too.

Funny thing, though: We had a big enthusiastic sign-up for this trip, yet most of those folks appear to be awfully quiet. Perhaps they're napping after all the excitement of the SPAM Museum?

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Sorry got caught up, Acorn(yes only brung one, becos one 13 week old kitten is enough for me to handle , anyways back on track, she got caught up in the midst of all the yummy spam! but we're here now with lots of snacks for the furry and not so furry kind!

hi guys!!
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I got distracted by a shoe sale. Fortunately, Victor was able to lure me in, with those Belgian chocolates. Being acrophobic, it took mass quantities of chocolate and my own stash of Jack Daniel's, to get me onto a rocket ship!
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Care to share some of that Jack?
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Well, I'm glad to see you're all pitching in to help out here on Mars! And yes, you're allowed to remove souvenirs--as long as they're smaller than a breadbox.

Alas, our time on Mars is about to expire; and we must return to the vehicle which brought us all this way. By this time tomorrow, we should be back at the SPAM Museum getting ready for our originally-planned road trip: the Orient in the Southern Hemisphere!

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You would NOT believe the adventure we had! We missed the flight to the SPAM Museum since Pixie threw a tantrum cause we'd forgotten her favorite toy, so we had to go back to get it, then got stuck in traffic.

Amazingly enough, we found out just in the nick of time that the next stop was Mars, and being that we were close to the NASA facility here, we were able to hitch a ride with a bunch of those maintenance scientists!

Yoviher, thanks so much for letting me get a look through the telescope, and for sharing all that yummy stuff you brought!

Hey, Mr. Cat, since we're going back to the Spam Museum, do we have some time to check it out, since we missed it first time round?
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WHAT you mean, we're leaving mars already? How sad.. I've been in the back with all the food and didn't even realise we had landed *quickly puts on some gear, grabs acorn and sprints out* I can't wait to get back to the spam museum I wanna spam teeshirt *kicks ground*

How about the night before we start off on the real adventure, we have a little party.

to all TCS gang.
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and Look what I found for heidi...

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Indeed, superkitty, you'll have time to thoroughly check out the SPAM Museum after our return there! By the way, cots and hammocks will be available for everyone at the Museum, should napping become necessary at some point (after all this inter-planetary travel and such like).

Wellington Cats, thank you for the suggestion. We'll throw a party, for sure! Everyone at The Cat Site is invited, of course. We'll have "I've been to Mars!" T-shirts for our fellow space cadets; and that huge bottle of spiritous liquors you've obtained for Heidi should ensure a good time will be had by all.

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Originally posted by Mr. Cat

Best wishes to you on your move, 2rascalkitties! Bear in mind the fact you can join our tour group at any point in the itinerary, so whenever you've a moment to spare for the inter-net jump on into this thread.

=^..^= [/b]

Thanks so much for your hospitality. I plan to stay a member of this site, until someone takes the computer away from me. Hahaha!
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Sam, just WHO provided you with Tennessee's finest sippin' whiskey? The last time, that I checked, you were definitiely UNDER 21! To avoid being charged, as a minor in possession of alcohol, you'd better let Heidi and me dispose of the evidence. We'd hate to see you, with a criminal record, at such a young age.
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Oh, Sam did what I did to get that wine: Falsify the electoral card card . According to my birth certificate I was born in 1989! Don't worry, soon enough I will also have Cuban cigars... as soon as we get out of the US and they are legal again.

Sam, serve me some Jack Daniels for me, on the rocks!

I think I will have shipped some crates of Puerto Rican rum.
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Sam, that's one honkin' bottle!!!! Somebody pass me a glass too, I'm not feeling too hot from all that bouncing around on that Mars surface. Too many darned rocks, I think.
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This is the cyber police. Can I check all of your ID's please?
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Yes, of course, here is my electoral roll card and driver's license. Here is also my birth certificate.

(bought in California)

Oh BTW, the rum from PR has arrived. Get ready for the finest rum in the world. It has gone to the point that many countries have put luxury taxes to it:

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The poll-winning area of our globe was that part of the Orient which lies in the Southern Hemisphere. As you can see, most of the Orient--which includes North Africa, the Middle East, all of Asia, The Philippines and the Malay Archipelago as far east as Java in the Solomon Islands--is located in the Northern Hemisphere. (The Equator is indicated by that red line on the satellite image above.)

Nevertheless, we're going to the Orient in the Southern Hemisphere. Our conveyances, that fleet of ships you've already seen, are ready; so let's get aboard (since in the meantime we've been miraculously transported from the SPAM Museum to the west coast of North America) and weigh anchor!

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