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Chocolate and cats

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Is chocolate as dangerous for cats as people say it is for dogs? How much is too much? I know someone whose dog ate an entire bag of chocolate stars and nothing happened. What do people know and have heard about chocolate and cats?
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Besides chocolate. I also wish to know is it ok if sometimes i reward my cats with ice-cream? But I do read from some books saying that chocolate is poison for cats.
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Chocolate is dangerous for cats and dogs, because of the chemical inside chocolate, it makes the animals crave it because of the strong scent it carries for them. They will not stop when they have chocolate before them, it is like a compulsion.

Chances are the chocolate stars were milk chocolate, and there was probably a major belly ache for the dog. It is semi-sweet and dark chocolate that is the most toxic, bordering on poison depending on how much is inhaled.

PLEASE JUST KEEP ALL CHOCOLATE AWAY FROM PETS why take the chance that the chocolate is safe or not? Just keep all of it away.
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Hi, Hissy,

How about vanila ais-cream or strawberry ais-cream also the mango fruits etc?
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Sometimes I let my cat lick a spot of vanilla ice cream off my finger but thats it. I wouldnt think all kinds of flavours of ice cream would be good. I don't believe milk is very good for cats unless it is skim and in small amounts, ice cream is basically heavy milk so I would think its probably not that good for them. Not sure about fruits.
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Cats need lactose free milk. You can buy the special kitty kind or people kind but make sure it's lactose free. Probably cheaper to buy people lactose free milk. Lactose gives them diarrhea.
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it is usually our desire for different foods that we pass on to our cats simply because that is the way it is. But it would be best if you didn't experiment with different foods and your cat, especially foods with sugars in them. Cats will typically eat anything you put before them. Safe foods for kitties would be in small amounts:

shredded cheese- cottage cheese- chopped cooked egg yolk- mashed and cooked green beans-canned pumkin-cooked meats chopped in fine pieces-tuna-sardines-plain yogurt (not vanilla flavored) those are some that come to mind, I am sure others will chime in soon with their cat's favorites- these are what my cats will get from time to time.
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Hissy, I have a question too. I have occassionally allowed Snowball to have a very small amount of my vanilla yogurt and he seemed to enjoy it. But now I see that you are recommending that cats should not be allowed to eat this. Is there something in the vanilla flavoring that is harmful to them?
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no not harmful but plain yogurt is just better for them than anything with artificial flavorings.
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Thanks for telling me so many thing on what type of food i can give to my babies. The reason why I am so interested in this topic is because .... My girl Ambel is going to have her 1 years old birthday on 18th Mac and also my boy Garfy is going to have his 1 years old birthday on 7th April.

Me and my hubby have been trying to look for some special food and toys for them as birthday presents. Both of them seem to have sensitive stomach as they have shown the problem of dialea when we change their food!! We come across a double story condo which cost Singapore dollars 125 that is about 60 US dollars. It has a tunner, 4 sisal pole as the support, a hammock style bed. Is it expensive? But we haven't got time to go down to Singapore to buy it. It is very difficult to find cats toys and scratchpost in Penang, Malaysia. We use to buy them from Singapore.

Any other suggestions about the type of presents that is more suitable to give to my two babies?
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Paws and Pets - Chocolate Toxicity

Just don't give your pets chocolate.

Pet's gifts...click on the PetsMart.com ad at the top of the forums. There's tonnes of gift ideas from them.
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