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Cats and peppermint

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I have this peppermint foot lotion from The Body Shop.

I've put it on my feet and on my legs the past few nights and one of my cats is going crazy with it - she sniffs and licks my legs and paws at my feet and licks my socks.

I was wondering if there's something about peppermint that attracts cats naturally, like cat nip? I've tried finding something on the internet, but I haven't found anything.
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My cat's are the same way! If I have any smell of peppermint on me, they go nuts! Catnip is a member of the mint family, so it is closely related to peppermint. I wonder if it gives cats the same effects as catnip does?
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Believe it or not, catnip is a mint! So, perhaps the particular type of mint in yor lotion has a scent that is similar to catnip.
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hmm... maybe I should get a lotion like that! Maybe then Willow will actually come cuddle, with the intent to kill gone from her eyes...
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Dori goes nuts over the smell of mint also. I have never tried mint lotion, but if I have a mint in my mouth and she smells it she will try to stuff her head on my mouth
Once I had a candy dish full of york peppermint pattys and she got into it. She somehow rolled a few of them out of the dish, down the hall, and underneath my bed. I woke up because I heard a funny noise and looked under my bed and she had unfolded the back sides (they were just wrapped with a foil wrapper) and she was licking the small area that she was able to unwrap until there was a hole there, she did the same thing on all 3 pattys. She licked right through the chocolate layer and was going crazy trying to eat the peppermint center. It was so funny. Needless to say I had to put the candy dish up.
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lotsocats is right. Catnip is part of the mint family.

My kitties have the same reaction to peppermint. All three of them will surround me if I happen to have a cup of peppermint tea.
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Just a few months ago while i was at work, i went into my bag for some gum and it was missing. I knew Rosie had it as i caught her in the kitchen with it the previous night. As soon as i finished work i could'nt get home quick enough because i was worried in case she'd swallowed some. And low and behold there they were, several pieces of well licked mint gum pellets!!!.

So now i have to make sure my bag is zipped up where theres mint and Rosie around!!!.

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