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Just like kids huh?

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Well cats are funny I am finding and sometimes like kids. I don't have kids but now really feel for parents.

Well, I was the one who wrote earlier that my male cat was having litter box issues. He was going right outside the box. One time right in front of me. I did take him to the vet as advised and he is healthy as a horse, but was still doing this. Was confused. Well he also wanted out in the worst way, clawing the door and crying. I had this sense he was really angry at me about not letting him out. He lived on the streets for awhile after being abandoned by previous owner. So I knew this might become an issue since he was used to it. I gave in, feeling I had two choices keep him in and he is safe for life, but deranged. Or let him out (supervised only) and he might get some of this energy out. So I started letting him out. And sure enough now the litter box problem is gone. I now feel he was kind of rebelling like a child or something. Like "I am not going to behave until you give in" I know I am still in charge but I feel like kids you have to give a little rope. And the topper is he got out once even and darted away and I couldn't find him. I found him a little bit later and he had a full tail like he was scared of something. NOW he doesn't seem too interested in going out anymore! It's like a kid where they have to figure that out for themselves. Anyways, always interesting with this lttle guy.
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They always leave you guessing, don't they!
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Oh i know what you mean Marge!.

I could be eating and Rosie will sit by my side, give a little cry which sounds sooooo feeble, followed by a headbutt.Thats her saying she wants a treat!!.

They know what buttons to press with us!. I swear if she could speak and said 'jump', i'd say 'How high'?.

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