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Nasty smelling.......

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Ok here ia BIG SMELLY preoblem. My kittens have really bad smelling ...you know. Is there anything I can do to help that? My bf and I live in a small apartment so you can imagine how the smell will linger. HELP US PLEASE!
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Do you mean their poop smell stinky ??

I don't know which food brand you use for your cats but when cats are fed with high quality food, they will have less stools, because they will take the nutritonally necessary stuff by eating less, & their stool will smell less also..But when the food isn't nutritious enough, they will consume more food to get the daily needs of a kitty diet. This will cause more & stinky stools...

You may also try scooping the stools more often; twice a day perhaps, so that the scent won't linger..

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Have they been wormed or is there something wrong with them medically?
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Okay, now my 2 cents. Smelly poop can come from 3 things...you have the food that does not agree with them, you have the wet foods and then you have parasites. I would take them in for a fecal first. If all checks out I would try a better brand of food. If neither help, I would cut down on the wet food if they are eating that.
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Do all of these things suggested. It's bound to be one of them. I also suggest getting a lid for the litterbox. It really cuts down on the smell!!!
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I tried the Nutro Odor Control food and believe it or not, it helped a lot. Maybe you could try this?
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