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Cat Problems!!!

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I am having lots of trouble with all the cats in my life. It is really getting to me.

Peaches needs a perminant home. I feel so sorry for her having to live in my spare room all the time. I am having trouble adopting her out because she doesn't like to be picked up!!! Everyone that calls about her asks that question and I have to say no since she doesn't

Sterling is having litter box troubles. He has a messy behind and needs to go to the groomers and get shaved but they want $50! It's too much to pay right now.

Big Kitty, the neighborhood cat has a huge lump on his head that burst this morning, now he is missing. I saw him this morning but havn't seen him since. Usually he is outside all day. Steven doesnt want to pay for a vet visit for him because he is technically the neighbors cat but they dont take care of him. I told them about his head a week ago!!!

And ther is a momma kitty and 3 kittens at our shop who need to be trapped and taken care of but I need someone to help me with them. also, I am feeling guilty for taking the babies away from the mother if I do trap them. Won't she miss her babies? There are so many cats out there for adoption, I feel like I should leave them with her. I wish some of ya'll lived near me to help with them

Ugh, this is all really stressing me out. I wish I had extra money and someone who would adopt Peaches and the 4 strays at the shop
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Good luck Ginger, with adopting Peaches. I hope she finds a furrever home soon. Your neighbours sound really irresponsible, just remember Ginger it's not up to you to help that cat. I hope everything falls into place soon.
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Ginger, I can sympathize, but that is about all I can do. Why is it so important that Peaches like to be picked up? I'm surprised people ask. After all, there are lots of cats that hate being picked up, but still love to cuddle. They simply like to take the initiative.
Do you think if you called your neighbor to talk about Big Kitty's lump bursting open that it would induce her to finally take him to a vet? As to the mother cat and her kittens - at some point she probably will want to be "rid" of them; the question is whether she has reached that point yet.
I wish you a lot of luck (and some relaxation!).
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I dont understand why people don't want a cat that does not like being picked up. Kahu doesn't like being picked up and we still love him to death, he is unique and there are other ways to love on him that he permits. That is sad.

I am sorry that you are going through all the cat troubles.
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Thanaks ya'll. I still havn't found Big Kitty. Its worrying me, I hope he is ok wherever her is
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Ok Big Kitty just came back. His bump is going down (draining) so I guess that is a good thing.
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im have the same problem, the three kittens take up all the money, and are a pain.
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Ginger, use the ol' redirect when they ask if Peaches likes to be picked up.

"Well, no, she prefers to keep her paws on solid ground, but BOY is she a cuddler! She adores being scratched under the chin and will sit with you for pets for HOURS! What she really likes is being scratched between her ears, she just loses all composure if you do that......"

Make her really shine to anyone who calls. Show her personality to them over the phone, talk about her endearing qualities. And when they ask why you can't keep such a great cat, you can tell them her situation and how it's not fair to such a loving cat to be stuck in one room because your resident kitties won't accept another.
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Awwww Peaches look so pretty as well.

Rosie is'nt all that keen on being picked up, but that does'nt bother me. She lays down the laws on when she lies on me and when she does'nt, but is'nt it true when they say 'We don't own them, they own us'!!

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How frustrating!

For Peaches, I like Heidi's redirect idea. A lot of cats don't like to be picked up & are still very affectionate. Oreo hates to be picked up, but he'll climb on my lap & purr like there's no tomorrow.

Can you leave your neighbors a note about their cat?

For Sterling, you might be able to learn to shave his bottom at home. $50 is a lot of money just to shave a cat's under-tail area. Perhaps your vet could do it for less?

Sometimes it's tough - it can seem like you're the only one in the neighborhood who cares about the strays. It's good that you're a caring person. Perhaps you could have a talk with your vet about the stray problem, and he or she might give you a discount or let you set up a payment plan for their care, so you don't have to pay for it all at once.
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I try to explain that Peaches is really sweet and purrs and loves to be brushed and petted, etc... but so far that has not worked

I couldnt get Sterling shaved this morning, didnt have the $ for it.
Even if I did I could not justify grooming him with the money when Big Kitty and Peaches need medical treatment.

To top off all of this, I think Peaches has a urinary infection again. Actually I am pretty sure that is what it is. Her pee pee is bloddy agaian and I have no $ to help her.

Ugh, the problems go on and on...

Oh and Tess, the $50 is to shave Sterling's whole body, not just his bottom area. Still too much I think
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