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Friday DT (TGIF:NOT)

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I had to hitch a ride into class today (with my roomate), 'cause mi carro no va. And the physics professor proceeds to do an example problem just very much like one we had on our homework (yes, very much like a whale), and as soon as he gets halfway through it: Duh! I did the homework problem all wrong. Then I get home and after lunch the car repair place calls and says the leak is my radiator & my water pump, damage $730. And I won't get the car back till next week. Arrrrr...
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Sounds like you are having a rough friday I hope the rest of your day goes better!

I am headed to Daytona Beach Bike week this afternoon. We got a free place to stay from Steven's boss so we are gonna go check it out. Now all I need is a biker chic outfit LOL!!!
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I'm tired and unmotivated today because I went to a friend's birthday party last night and got home late. I am debating whether I will come in this weekend. I know I should but I really don't want to.

5:00pm can't get here fast enough!
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Catfur, Sounds like a bad day, hope it gets better for you.

Ginger, have fun!!!

Well I got up at about 6Am this morning(Saturday) and baked some apple and sultana muffins and then scrubbed and eyed a couple of KG's of potatoes. Last night I bathed two kittens(Acorn & Sapan), we're off to the Pedigree Persian Cat Fanciers(Yup, that's my club!! ) Show & Tell BBQ, which is being hosted by our club but held by a member at her house just a few hours out of wellington, we're heading off in about an hour with kittens and food and it should make for a nice weather, despite the rain we're having today.

I hope everyone has a really nice weekend!

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Catfur and Cheryl, my sympathies. Ginger and Sam, hope you both have fun. I had a rather "high energy" day today, for some reason. Starting cleaning this afternoon, and ended up also defrosting the fridge and freezer, washing some windows and curtains, and marking some tests. Now it's 9:30 p.m. and I'm still not tired. I wonder if it has something to do with the half moon?
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I got my annual raise today!
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I've not posted here in a long while... it's good to see what you all are up to.

I'm sorry your Friday isn't going well, Catfur.

Got back from Québec on Wednesday afternoon and I've been sick ever since. Québec was beautiful though... I'll have to post some pictures sometime.
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Cold and rainy here - all of my joints ache. Poor Bill, had to work work out in it. Soup and grilled cheese sandwiches, for dinner. We both feel yucky.

We had a couple of 70+ degree days and then we got this radical weather change.

At least, work was light today. I had my weekly training session, today and my inability to do math kicked in. I KNOW the formula for calculating simple interest. However, when it comes to actually DOING the math, I draw a total blank. I don't know WHY we have to be able to do this, anyway - we have perfectly good computers, to calculate it for us!

Hope the weekend warms up and dries out.
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It was our wedding anniversary today, (17 years) and we went into town (a rare event for us homebodies) and saw two movies and went to dinner. It was a nice day, and good to get away. We met some friends afterward and had coffee and then came home. On the drive up we were remembering our wedding and honeymoon and it was pretty funny to reflect back. Our wedding day was a fiasco before we got to the church, our water pipes froze, my ring finger got jammed in some folding partitions, the best man arrived drunk and had to have a major cup of strong coffee to walk me down the aisle- LOL But it was fun and Mike asked me if I can handle him another 17 years and I told him if he can deal with me, I can certainly deal with him-
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Congratulations MA!

Just a quiet day, nothing exciting happened.

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Well...I have color in my hair right now...waiting...got 10 more minutes...red...pretty...Zack is packing for tomorrow's camping trip, and my two best friends are also dying their hair...fun stuff! Ok...now for me to go and do something else...hummm what to do... (as you can tell the smell is getting to me...HAHA)
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Work was alright, pretty slow.... but of course right before we close everyone decides to come in. Guess it always happens. Hehe! Made Corn Chowder for dinner (hubby's favorite), and watched this Celebrity Spelling Bee thing on tv. It was pretty fun, 'cause I got in on it.
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